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  1. Sensei says:

    Rachael P,

    Please, Please, Please, can you get me some of that Elk burger!?!?!?! It’s absolutely amazing on breakfast burritos with Green Chile!!


    oh, and what’s up with all the push ups? … ha!

  2. Audrey says:

    Hi Rachael, me too in case you didn’t check back on yesterday’s thread. Thank you!!!

    Roger and I had bison from WI the other day. It was really good. Just a note for those that don’t get all the “lingo” …..make sure your beef is grass fed AND grass finished. Sometimes they are grass fed and then grain-finished which really defeats the purpose.

  3. Rachael P says:

    Yep I’ll bring it Monday! If anyone wants one please grab a pack! there will also be several packs of “round steaks” available if anyone wants them! 🙂

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