Mulitiple posts today… 
                 Lot’s of info to put out and I couldn’t wait to post Dawn’s vid.  -t.

Dawn Jerks from the back and Overhead Squats 210 x 2

        Congratulations Laura and Larry J. on their Veteran’s Park Duathlon on Sunday.
              -Laura nailed a 2nd Place finish overall women’s and Larry a 2nd in age group. 

Weightlifting Class tomorrow night at 6pm.  
        -We’ll cover Snatch skills and OH and Front Squat improvement.  
        -No cost to unlimited members.  $10 for Open Gym Members and members of other CrossFit Affiliates.  
         $20 for non-members.

Nutriton Class next Tuesday, October 26th.  
        -This class will include post workout feeding in addition to the basic Paleo/modified Zone template we usually teach.  So if you’ve been eating Paleo and are ready to get the next step in advancing your diet, this class will show you how.  Cost $30.00

Welcome workout at Port City CrossFit tonight at 6pm – all invited.

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  1. Amanda W says:

    Phenomenal yet AGAIN! I think Abby & I should start a facebook page called “Who wants to be like Mike when you could be like DAWN?” haha. Awesome stuff girl. You are proof that TRUE elite athletes never plateau.

  2. Abs says:

    “wind beneath my wings” again I am doodling your name. Has amanda..I’m in! Nah girl GREAT job…That Jerk looked strong as sh*#…One day it will ALL click and i can get somewhere close to that…I think T. nailed it when I heard him call you “gifted”.

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