Congratulations to Nicole and Scott for winning the Body Transformation Contest! Great job to everyone who participated. Runners up will be announced on Saturday.


jenn 1st beforejenn 1st after

Nicole lost 11lbs and 5% bodyfat.


scott capoote 1st beforeSCOTT CAPOOTE 1st AFTER

Scott lost 25lbs and 6% bodyfat.



In teams of 2, complete the following:

5min to complete:
400m run
AMRAP Axle G20 (125/85)

Rest 2min

6min to complete:
400m Run
AMRAP Toes To Bar

Rest 2min

7min to complete:
400m Run
AMRAP Tire Flip Jump In/Out

***Both Partners Run. One person working at a time during AMRAP.

CFW Supplemental
Run 25min for distance

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