This afternoon at 4pm, we’re getting together at
Main Street Brewery in Mayfaire
for snacks and drinks. 
Everyone’s invited, join us!

Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

Constantly varied…
Matt and Josh work the hoops into the mix!

WOD:  2 rounds for total score (reps)…

Overhead Squat (135lbs) – 1 set for max reps
Rest 15 seconds
Shoulder Press (95lbs) – 1 set / max reps
Rest 15 seconds
Front Squat (135lbs)
Rest 30 seconds
Push Press (95lbs) – 1 set / max reps
Rest 30 seconds

0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/4/2009

  1. jillp says:

    Sorry we missed the get together..I am in Fl..did a wod at the local affiliate..Have I said recently I love Crossfit??

  2. Jason Beninate says:

    hey guys…and gals! not sure if ya'll remember me since its been so long. i just wanted to tell ya'll i made it through OCS with the Marines and now currently going to TBS in Quantico, VA…i've been gettin my crossfit on and i did FGB a few days ago and was rusty but still busted 353 after close to nine months without actual crossfit. hopefully i'll be able to get a long weekend to come down and visit and train for a day. glad to see you guys are still turning out monsters. plus the videos are friggin sweet.

    anyways…stay safe and have fun and train hard. miss you guys and hope to see you all very soon.