Andrew "Runnin' and Gunnin"

Weightlifting at 6pm
Kickboxing at 7:15pm
Yoga at 8pm

        Our “Sheepdogs”…  they serve us and protect us.  They look over us and respond to our calls for help.  Most often with limited resources and less pay than they deserve.  The “sheepdogs” in Wilmington and New Havover County trust CFW with their physical training.  They know their life may one day depend on their physical conditioning.  Incorporating physical stressors into MIL/LEA/FR training is paramount to their success on that day.  CrossFit Wilmington is proud to be trusted by so many of our watchdogs in the LEA, Fire/Recsue, and Military commmunities for their preparations. 

CFW at the Range with WPD and NC HP

Overhead Squat – Work up to heavy single
Deadlift from riser:  At (65-70% of DL Max)  5 – 5 – 5

For time…
Sprint 200m
Rest 2 min
Sprint 200m
Rest 2 min
Sprint 200m
-Post time of each split.

7 thoughts on “CrossFit Wilmington – FEEDING THE DOGS

  1. Em says:

    God bless all of you out there daily (and at night) protecting my kids, my family and my freedom….you are wonderful men and women….thank you for your service and I look forward to the day (hopefully in the very near future) that I can train with you again….until then…keep doing what you do best….and THANK YOU!

  2. Liz says:

    E – Kick ass job on the 115 OHS PR!!!!
    Walt – Congrats on your first (and secod!) bar muscle up this morning!!

  3. Sensei says:

    BJJ Club this afternoon all! If you haven’t paid for this month, please do so! all the proceeds go towards buying those mats!

    Thanks! see you at 1!

  4. No GOOD says:

    Great POST T! A very good friend of mine had a great observation…Others use to tell us what they thought our job was and how awesome it is and cool it is to do the things we do (which we totally agreed with) but where are those people at 0300 in the morning when you are just going to work or just getting home after being out in the bush for 17 days…..they are resting while we provide their safety, thats where they are….. God Bless those that serve in every capacity, it is because of them we live free. Funny thing is they will even show up, when the day before you were spiting in their face….

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