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  1. Em says:

    Love the article t…reminds me why I'm sticking to Paleo…thanks for that!! If you ever question the effects of sugar on the body, sit a kid that just consumed a few Pixie sticks next to a person strung out on Crack….too damn similar…its an addiction and withdraw sucks, but LIFE is sweeter without it!

  2. Amy says:

    ATTENTION! HELP NEEDED!! I am moving apartments Thursday evening and Friday morning. Since Thomas is currently not able to lift things b/c of his back, I'm gonna need some help moving my furniture. I need some help moving items into the truck Thursday evening (7:30ish) and then back out of the truck Friday morning (9:00ish). If ANYONE is able to help, it would be greatly appreciated!!! You can give me a call at 622-4952. THANKS!!

  3. t. says:

    Emily, atleast not your kids… they're always chill, right?
    Amy, I'm not going to be able help Dear. Boyfriend broken? Trade him! Just kidding Thomas… get better.
    Clint, email me. I've been trying to send you something, but it keeps getting kicked back!

  4. Charlie says:

    Hell yes! That's how ya do it!!! Nice job, boys! Meredith, way to kick it today + rowing…Keep it up Mere!

  5. cody d says:

    hey guys. for the past week or so i've been experiencing some foot pain. dull most of the time but gets worse in the mornings and after any activity. yesterday was the worst its felt. i could barely walk during my shift at work. i went to see the doc today and i have "plantar fasciitis" most likely contributed to my improper footwear. i think i have made the mistake of running around too much in my lifting shoes. or my lifting (aka indoor soccer shoes) shoes just aren't exactly cutting it. either way, i'm experiencing a lot of pain and am having lots of difficulty walking. i'm gonna take the week off and do my best to stretch it and ice it. pray for a quick and full recovery for me guys that would be awesome. its gonna kill me this week stayin off the feet in an athletic standpoint. thankfully i have a pool and bike i can still use. i'll still most likely stop in to peek around and bother people so i can get my CFW fix. kick it hard this week and i'll be back kickin it soon hopefully. see you guys!

  6. ilario says:

    Sorry for the bad news Cody! You should consider staying off the bike for a bit. You may have enflamed tendons on the bottom of your foot that connect your ball to your heel- you put a lot of pressure there when you stand up in the pedals and crank (especially in sneakers vs. bike shoes). Also, rolling your bare foot over a soup can is a good stretch.