How do you get the kids to eat right (Paleo)?  Some say "Just make them, you are the parents.  They will eat what you feed them."  While that may be true to some extent, you might have to be smarter than that…  or should I say them.  The most important part is for you, THE PARENT, to set the example and practice what you preach.  Here’s some ideas from CF Norcal:

Don’t forget, we are all about you bringing in your friend or family member in to see what this "CrossFit thing" is all about.  We have a "newbie" or trial WOD that will introduce them to what we do without crushing, intimidating, or leaving them so sore they can’t move.  Saturdays and Sundays are the easiest time to work them in, but if you give the crew enough heads up, we’ll accomadate during the week too.  So now those folks that keep making the excuses for not trying us, have none.  Bring them in… you get a friend on the right track to fitness, health, and wellness.   AND refferals equal fees reduction!
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Olympic Lifting Seminar
September 5 – 6 2009
CFW is very happy announce our hosting of Catalyst Athletics’ Olympic Lifting Seminar.   The Olympic lifts develop unparalleled explosiveness for athletes of all types, but because of their relatively great technical complexity, they are often performed incorrectly, limiting their effectivess, or even avoided entirely.
Spend two days learning complete progressions for the snatch and clean & jerk, and dramatically improve your own lifting technique. 
Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya of Catalyst Athletics
Check her out at
 Catalyst’s website, and their monthly journal, The Performance Menu, contains a great amount of information not limited to the Lifts.  Their video demos are excellent and the link below is to their recipes page.

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