Guys, don’t forget, we’re all about you bringing in your friend or family member in to see what this "CrossFit thing" is all about.  We have a "newbie" or trial WOD that will introduce them to what we do without crushing, intimidating, or leaving them so sore they can’t move.  Saturdays and Sundays are the easiest time to work them in, but if you give the crew enough heads up, we’ll accomadate during the week too.
So now those folks that keep making the excuses for not trying us, have none.  Bring them in… you get a friend on the right track to fitness, health, and wellness.  AND refferals equal fees reduction!
Clint eyes "The Rock".
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

AMRAP in 30 minutes…

  • 10 thrusters (95lbs – m / 75lbs – m)
  • 10 ring dips
  • run 800m

Run means RUN!  If it was recovery time, it would say "rest".  If you are one that contantly says "I’m not a good runner", stop making excuses and run!

0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/25/2009

  1. t. says:

    Yeah! Hell yeah D.! I just picked myself up off the floor from some DLs and a good WOD, and now, b/c I read your post, I'm going run. I love this s*@t!! Get some!

  2. DC says:

    Nice work man.. that’s qualifier speeds.. lol.. think about it.. so after getting off work at the beach house last night and reading yesterdays comments and doing the relay for life. I told myself that I was going to go back out to the relay and run for Sean, My uncle CJ, and all those who couldn't run. My goal was 30 laps without stopping. As I get 12 down I had to stop to use the restroom. lol.. and I say to myself “you said 30 without stopping so those don't count“. So I get back at it. As I pass a survivor who was walking I say congrats and keep your head up, he says thank you as I run on. Now 1 its 4:30am and 2 maybe 30 people are walking; most are young college guys and few ladies but even still people are out there for the cause. But as I ran past the college guys group I said why don't 1 of you guys run a lap for someone who’s name is out here on a bag just for the simple reason of you being alive and you can. So 1 by 1 I get them to do a lap for someone. As I finished up I overheard 2 of the college guys say that’s the guy from Crossfit (of course I had my shirt on) who’s been out here running and got us to run. He’s been killing it. And told his brothers that were getting ready to come walk that they all needed to run 1 lap for someone out there. I was glad to see that they pasted something on to others and was glad I went out and did it all. The 32 laps took me 1hr15 min. I didn’t smoke the runs but I didn’t stop and ran at a some what hard pace. So as you sit at home today or wherever you are think of the millions of people who can't run and get up off your ASS and go do a lap somewhere anywhere. Even if it’s around your block for 1 of them. You know how many people wish they could..

  3. Josh says:

    Hey everybody, Just want to say thank you to those able to come out and walk/ run last night and today. It was a great night with alot of coffee (Julia, Nathan and my nephew had me up watching the Relay movie until 2:45am). Total raised from all Teams when I left was just over $400,000 for New Hanover County

  4. Sensei says:

    Sorry about the repost…AWESOME JOB DC!! Freaking amazing family to be a part of! very Very Thankful! Ilario…Your reply is something that I've printed off and will keep with me. Thank you!

  5. taylor says:

    Awesome work everyone, for working hard for such a good cause. I'm about to do this WOD at home, can anyone post me their # of rounds? I've got everything I need here, except a good measurment of 800m, I'm using the car and estimating on that one. Thanks y'all 🙂

  6. taylor says:

    Holy squat thrusters!! You evil demons! 4 rounds in 28:43. And thanks a lot, I just want to let you all know- All those voices in the gym, "pick up the bar Taylor!" "You can rest later" "Keep going!" and all that; well, I'd like to let you know those little voices followed me home to my back yard! There is no where to hide. There is no escaping CFW, ahhh! …I love it 🙂

  7. Scott S says:

    Hey thanks to everyone who showed up for Relay For Life. Josh, you did a great job. JJ, thanks for bringing so many supplies. And thanks to Bridgitte, Christina, Chris, Maria, Gene, DC (awesome story!), Megan, Dana, Seth, Toni, Christopher, Julia and Nathan and Pat for walking. If I missed someone, sorry – just 4 hours sleep at the Relay. Next year will be even more fun!

  8. Seth says:

    I enjoyed seeing everyone at Relay for Life…it was a good time and a GREAT cause. I can't think of a better way to spend a weekend than supporting a cause like that.

    Great story D….that is awesome!