Olympic Lifting Seminar / Sept 5 – 6
   This is Sean Hawkins, he works with me.  Sean is often referred to as "too nice" to do what we do.  He’s simply just an all around great guy…  one of those guys you meet and within minutes of doing so, you are friends with.  He’s very fit and typically does "two a days" of running and CF type stuff.  He’s always "be-bopping" around with his Ipod on, nodding his head to whatever "not so tough guy" music he’s jamming out to.  He’s an ever professional operator, is always serious about his work, but never takes himself too seriously. 
   Three weeks ago, while brushing his teeth, Sean fell to the ground with a seizure.  After many tests, a CT scan showed a brain tumor about 2 cm in size.  Currently Sean is in recovery from surgery to gain a biopsy of the tumor.  From the biopsy, the docs will begin to determine a protocol to treat  the tumor and ultimately return Sean back to our teams, full duty, and full in health. 
   Sean serves our country faithfully, and has done so in both OEF and OIF, in the Army and in civilian capacities. 
   While you walk in the Relay For Life, please honor Sean and his service to our nation by keeping him, and those who love and care for him, in your thoughts and prayers.
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

8 rounds for time…

  • 10 push press (75lbs – m / 45lbs-f)
  • 20 walking lunges
  •  5 pull ups
  • 10 box jumps (20")
  • 10 ghd sit ups
  • 20 doubleunders


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  1. Sensei says:

    Ilario, I have a favor to ask. If you don't mind either post…or tell me later when you see me, in just a few words (3-4) why, what makes you so motivated? Just a question from a fan. Thanks!!

  2. Clint says:

    T. I will keep him and you in my prayers as always! WE all need t be thankful for the life we have…..it is but a vapor that appears for a moment and then vanishes away!

  3. DC says:

    Sean you and all my other brothers and sisters Thank you for what you do and you'll always be in my prays.

  4. Josh says:

    Relay for Life team members please meet up at Ashley HS around 5pm. We are at campsites 51 an 52. Traffic is expected to be pretty busy. Any questions give me a ring (615)456-8316

  5. t. says:

    Mmmmm… ice cream on kittens. It's half paleo!
    Thanks for the nice comments guys. Seans in for a bit of fight, but has one hell of a team in his corner. It's this sort of thing that puts us all in our place. We are not indestructable.

  6. jj says:

    Come on Sensei he's half man half android…That's all it is…He does have a weakness though..Fluffy clouds, soft cute kittens and ice cream…I'm with Dan on this, I want to know why I stop, and you guys just keep on gettin' it!!!See yall at Relay!!T. your friend Sean is truly a role model to all.

  7. Jill P says:

    So I am married to a half android, kitten loving ice cream eater? Was it all that obvious? We try to hide that side of him..

  8. Sensei says:

    I would say, for me….it is a deeper understanding (then most of us have) of the term: "Do or do not do, There is No Try". Whenever I truly think about that term and meditate on people like Sean, Tony, Ilario, Zach, that can just….DO…I gain an appreciation for my journey on getting to the same place in my training/life/mind. It's just awe inspiring.

  9. ilario says:

    Tony, we all pray for Sean’s speedy recovery. It certainly puts the fragility of life into perspective. To echo my vapor-man Clint- “Its all shadows and dust gladiator, shadows and dust.” Sensei, The journey! You are sweet, but consider Dan turning the question back to you: Every member of this gym has some keen insight to offer. Each and every one of you is a powerhouse and on your path to self-improvement. All of you do things that I can’t do, but that I want to learn (or not!). The blessing of this Crossfit “thing” that we do together is that we all get to be spectators/coaches/trainers/competitors/friends/nurses to each other as we all individually work to improve ourselves through a collective approach. $3000 raised for this relay from a few dozen folks in this sour economy is a testament to who and what we are as individuals, but more importantly as a team. And what a special day that was! Cody put it best last weekend (at 4 am!): WE ARE INDEED A TEAM. Sensei, that is the source of my strength, and I dare say the source of yours. We all feast on that camaraderie (and kittens too, with garlic sauce). We don’t want to fail each other, so we give our best. Even these little messages back and forth, let us all know that we matter to each other, and that our performance matters to each other. We won’t fail each other or ourselves now that we have pierced the veils of anonyminity. We know each other and we care about each other. Why?
    Why spend an hour writing this? And why are any of you even spending the seconds to read this? Because we are all in the arena together, sometimes suffering, sometimes groaning, always sweating and maybe even smiling. That shared experience, as Tony has stated so well in the past is unique to certain professions and yet we have tapped it here. I’ll never forget the sign with Tracy’s name taped to the ceiling above the ropes. Or Thomas’s determination to beat the OHS number that was posted, “ because Clint is a big dude, so I’m gonna push a bit harder.” Or Darren calling me :30 minutes after I left to tell me that 3 people just crushed my row time (followed by “b!@#$”). Or Jen almost getting crushed under a bar as she failed under a max squat-after already dominating another WOD minutes before. Who does that? We’ve all trained hard before, but never like this. When my kids ask me: “Daddy, is Crossfit your best friend-because its all you talk about?” I laugh at that because I know all of you are as amped up about it as we are. Meredith and Emily were talking about “the cult” yesterday. JJ calls me an animal, but he does WODs in a gas mask and he rescues people from burning cars and buildings when he’s not cheering us on. Try a WOD with your oxygen cut in half, like JJ does it. It will terrify you, make you panic and crush your spirit way before it affects your body.

    I walk into the gym and I need to poop! Don’t all of you feel it too? It’s the pre-fight jitters, every single day. I’m addicted to it, because I don’t want to fail, not just myself but all of you, our team. And a year later the attraction has not worn off. I’m not diminishing the value of our own internal engines, or the hunger to win that coach Glassman claims “will drive us to die for another point” (PS, Zach, if you auctioned a blood transfusion, I would pay big bucks! T., is that legal?) Rather, it is the expectation that we all pledge to do our best when we walk through those doors. So Sensei, you ask what drives me, my answer is one word: you.

    I’ll close with a saying by Winston Churchill. You can consider tomorrow during 30 minutes of AMRAP: “Sometimes its not enough to do your best, sometimes you must do what is required.”

  10. Don O says:

    Hey all, I'm back from the outer limits and can't wait to see you all….I fell off for two weeks and it felt like two years….see you Monday morning….Don O

  11. Andrew says:

    Ilario, great post brother. The quote at the end was a perfect fit. I need to get in touch with you at some point. When are you typically in the gym now?

  12. Tracy says:

    Tony, blessings to your friend Sean and the wonderful others serving our nation. I am continually amazed with CFW! Ilario, I have read your post 3 times now…WOW! Great and inspirational! Thanks!
    Sorry I was not able to support Relay for Life Team but I am babysitting all night long. Walk it out tonight!