0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/22/2009

  1. Shawn K says:

    I'm no laundry expert but I think you two *may* have left those shirts in the dryer a little too long….

  2. Tracy says:

    MARIA! I hope you are basking in your glory! You deserve it! Proud of you! That is funny you saw Jessica J on the course…what there is like 25,000 peeps in the race and you see a fellow Wilmington gal.

  3. Raja says:

    Tony, Are we doing the picture caption contest again? …

    "I am Hans. And I am Franz, We are going to pump… (clap) …YOU UP!"

  4. DC says:

    Reminder: Hey everyone I need to know if your going to the Qualifier with us in May. And I'm sending in our roomlist on Fri so either leave me a note or let me know.. Thanks DC