Is one Ilario not enough?
Nice work Olympia.  See more of Olympia’s art at
For time…
3 rounds of…
 8 deadlift (225lbs – m / 165lbs – f)
 5 ring dips
3 rounds of…
 10 DB squat thrusters (45lbs – m / 25 lbs – f)
 5 pull ups
3 rounds of…
15 kb swings (24kg / 16 kg)
 10 ghd situps
3 rounds of…
 10 wall ball shot – 20lbs ball (10ft – m / 9ft – female)
 10 reverse wall ball shots – 20 (10 / 9)
*Complete each 3 round group of each couplet and move to the next.  No rest.


0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/18/2009

  1. t. says:

    Hey Bro… I'm not sure which you're looking for, but there's a mirror in the bathroom and water fountains next to the shower!

  2. taylor says:

    I was coming in today to do the deck of cards workout, but this one looks way too much fun! I guess the deck of cards will have to wait till tomorrow. Nothing like the workout of death on the lords day,ha!

  3. Jill P says:

    Thanks so much for hosting us last night! I had such a great time. Thanks everybody for all the great food..Jill

  4. ju says:

    Olympia, awesome picture! Jill and the rest of the ladies, thank you for coming over last night. I had a lot of fun. Thank you to the guys for not crashing our party.

  5. ilario- the "gazer" says:

    Hey gang, there is a form of Crossfit for people that use firearms for a living. IPSC or “practical shooting” is real world functional, dynamic, always different and timed under pressure. Sound familiar? If you’d like to see a match and see if its for you, some of us are assembling on Sun. at 10:20 @ CFW parking lot. Some folks will shoot the match but there are others who are coming just to watch and see what its about so they can start training for next time. There is much to learn about safe and effective weapons handling just from watching the other participants. If you want to participate, you need 150 rds, a pistol, holster, and 4 magazines, plus $20 for match fee. Our LEO guys are frequent fliers at these things and “practical matches” are gaining importance as a training tool for DoD. Don’t be intimidated, this is open to all. Women, men, young and old. The range is about 50 minutes south off 17, in Brunswick county. For this match and others see:

  6. DC says:

    Hey gang, I need to know our list on who is going to the Qualifier, I.E if you plan on going to watch.. I was able to get a great rate on rooms so please let me know no later then thursday.. after that you are on your own.