Weightlifting Class Thursday night at 6pm

     Tower invited the Crossfitters from Wilmington to a wet workout at the pool.  CF Engage, Port City CF (the new kids on the block!), CFW, and Tower CF members rallied up to get in a fun one.
      Didn’t make the Pool WOD at Tower CrossFit? 
                                                 See what you missed out on…

Ronbo in UDT shorts. ???

Push Press  3-3-3-3-3

50 C2B pull ups for time.

15 thoughts on “Missing out?

  1. drew says:

    Ron looks like he was kicked out of the Mad Max casting call for wearing those shorts into the thunderdome.

  2. Brittany says:

    Josh called me out today for missing the wod at my old stomping grounds… Um, hate I missed the fun and the view? 🙂 haha, loved the pool wods!!! Looks like I missed a lot of fun this weekend at tower and the ta-tas! Way to represent cfw!!

  3. Noelle says:

    Ron… you’re gorgeous.

    Look at the phenomenal recipe I just found promoted on a unnamed crossfit website! So glad I pick this one up (probably stolen from paula dean or something on the food network.) http://www.crossfitcoastal.com/blog/workout-blog/its-okay-to-cheat-sometimes/

    They are so lucky to have someone guiding them in the right direction. A cup of sugar… canola oil… more sugar, and oats!

    Tony – thank you for never expecting anything but what you know we are capable of.

  4. Zach Lehman says:

    “I just came into town to trade some beaver pelts for whiskey, whores, and saltine crackers. You just let me be and I’ll get my stuff and be on my way. I killed me a couple of bandidos up at Red Rock Ridge. They came at me with a knife.” -Half Good, Ron’s mountain man ancestor.

  5. t. says:

    Skins, distilled grains, trallops, and dry goods… Now it’s True Religion Jeans, Merlot, classy women, and gourmet salads. The bandidos replaced with fancy bandanas. And Ron ain’t sleeping in the mountains.

  6. t. says:

    Noelle… it is ok to cheat. On somethings and very infrequently. Some folks just interpret the what is ok to cheat with or on and how frequent infrequent is. I only do my best to set the standard and practice the suggestions I present.

    Having said that… I don’t like oatmeal anyway. If I were going to do a cheat snack, I’d do chocolate cake.

  7. No GOOD says:

    Sometimes you leave the house knowing you left the stove on and you should go back and turn it off….. I guess I had a flash back I heard pool wod and it was natural to grab the UDT’s. You know you all want a pair just say the word…HA the only thing I can apologize for is not having a tan haha!!! I will say some of the best comments I have ever read on the site. Oh how bout them PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!

  8. Abs says:

    “No No” but its okay to cheat…sometimes! I’ll be damned…how do we put it… most of us DO cheat. Is it okay? NO obviously its not…and to condone it as a trainer is just WRONG…yes we are human…yes we have guilty pleasures and indulgences but I will NEVER show,teach or advise any of you (my friends) on how to step down the wrong path…I will only support you and guide you back to the right path. I only expect the same in return!

    RNG…a tan would not have done those UDTs justice…it would have only masked their beauty!

    I’m sorry tho…Zach L might be the funniest cat I know…

  9. Jana says:

    Thanks T! What a gnarly workout… I loved it!! Thank you to all of the Crossfit teams that worked together to make that happen. What a genuine, humble and courageous crew to work together to achieve the same goal. Truly fascinating!

    Ron, you get an A for effort and a W for white! Props to you for representing and showing some leg! Boys, I think you all should follow suit… you work hard for those puppies.. now show them off!

    A huge shoutout to Noelle for putting on an extraordinary event for a serious cause. I feel proud to be a part of this Crossfit family!!

  10. Brock Wilson says:

    Thanks one and all for coming out to swim.

    Jana, you CRUSHED!!!!

    What Modest Tony fails to mention is that HE had the fastest guy time of the day. (Tony, just get those push-presses up to par and you’ll do REALLY well next time).

    And for the record, I saw no objectionable wardrobe issues.

  11. t. says:

    Thanks for calling me out for getting beat by a girl Brock. hahaha. It seems to be happening for and more. These shebeasts are killing it.
    While I don’t think UDTs have anyplace at a public pool and should be relagated to dive school, I think it great Ronny can stil wear his old brown bottoms.
    Thanks again for having us!

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