The olympic lifting platforms and power rack.
Tools of the trade and symbols of our commitment to strength and power
as the foundation of athletic performance.
A commitment that shows in our clients’ results. 

"The Deck" for time:  Have someone pick and flip your cards. Face cards are 20 reps of each exercise, number cards are the reps for each cards exercise. All 52 Cards. Example: 7 of hearts =7 push ups, Ace=800 m run,2 of clubs=2 OHS

Deck of Cards
Aces = 800 m run
Kings=20 Pull ups
Queens= 20 cleans (m-95/ f-65)
Jacks=20 burpees
Hearts=Push ups
Spades= Kettlebell swings (m-16/ f-12)
Clubs=Overhead Squats (m-95/f-65)
Diamonds= Wallballs shots. (everyone 20lbs, M-10/ f-9)
Joker= 50 Air Squats

0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/16/2009

  1. DC says:

    hey everyone so plan on about a hour plus for this workout.. And don't worry will be doing this WOD Today and josh will be flippin my cards..

  2. Drew says:

    Yep, this is gonna suck bad. 54reps of pushups, kb swings, ohs and wallball shots, oh and on top of that a 2mile run, 80 pull ups, 80 cleans and 80 burpees…. and thats not even including the air squats. I predict pain.

  3. ilario says:

    Josh, thanks for the push today. Call me when DC get in, I'll bring popcorn and chairs. Payback's a…Jokes aside, this is why I do Crossfit. Thanks DC.

  4. t. says:

    Every now and then we have to do a long one. How many remember the one with the 100lbs db (each hand) farmer's carry? The fastest times on it were just over an hour… most DNF on that one.

  5. cody d says:

    wow…length of "murph" with a little bit of suprise and frustration mixed in. great WOD DC! trying to pace myself without blowing myself was critical in completion in a decent time seeing as how it would be easy to try and destroy the OHS or burpees but then be wasted for the other components. THIS IS CROSSFIT at the essentials…ENDURANCE coupled with FOCUS and determined PERSERVERANCE. we DO MORE because we WANT MORE. great WOD. good luck everyone!

  6. Ed CF North Fulton says:

    Josh, thanks for taking time to talk to me on the phone today. Looking forward to visiting you guys on Monday.

  7. jj says:

    I will be at CFW tomorrow around 0930 to do this WoD if anybody is looking to make it up from today…I'm at work, and pretty happy about it DC..

  8. DC says:

    Ok.. So I'm going to throw this up here so everyone can see it.."T since everyone wants to skip out on our long wod, how bout we go back to making them longer.. like as wod that is AMRAP in 45 min. something that is a long slow smoker.. It's just like Cody said THIS IS CROSSFIT at the essentials…ENDURANCE coupled with FOCUS and determined PERSERVERANCE. We DO MORE because we WANT MORE.. And you gotta have the mind set to push through and fight on.. cause as of 4:30pm there has been bout 26 people who have done this WOD.. We normaly have that by 12pm.. Whats everyones deal..

  9. t. says:

    I think you guys have hurt Darren's feelings by not doing his WOD today. Don't worry D, it is Thursday. I think Thursday are many of ours day off. Or, IHOP day as our morning crew calls it.

  10. colleen says:

    DC. no hurt feelings, i have a race this weekend, otherwise I would be there. . . . . maybe 🙂

  11. Dc says:

    By no means have you guys hurt my feels.. Just making a statement.. thats all.. and yeah T today seemed to be alot of peoples rest day..

  12. Jill P says:

    This wod was awesome. Did it in 1:14. I LOVE the longer wods..Feel I get the most out of them. This was pretty fun too…Thanks DC .Keep it up !

  13. Les says:

    Darren: AMAZING WOD! As we spoke about briefly after I finished, I do think that longer WODs are better. Definintely will be feeling this one for a day ro two! I think the longer WODs will def be an asset for me as I go towards elite athlete status. HOLLA!

  14. drew says:

    I vote that whoever for whatever didnt get to do this one.. should have to make it up, lol. I never appreciated doing 800m runs as much as when you get 4 cards back to back of overhead squats

  15. jj says:

    Looks like some people love it, and others are looking for Crossfit Copassion…ZING…Just kidding Clint, don't crush my noggin!!

  16. Megan says:

    I loved todays WOD….AT first I was only going to try to make it through half b/c I was suppose to be at work early…but when it came to be that time (for work) I kept going…I couldn't stop half way I wanted to finish it and I did…in 1:27…Im with jill on this one….I like the longer WODs too!

  17. peter says:

    alright d, you were supposed to do the card wod on monday, so stop cryin, u kno we rest on Thursday and eat flapjacks. I will bring you some tissues tomorrow so you can dry your eyes and blow your nose.

  18. Karen says:

    I didn't have time to do the WOD on Thursday knowing it would be a long one. I will definitely make it up this weekend. Can't wait to try this one! p.s. Darren, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?

  19. ChrisJ says:

    This was brutal, DC…but honestly, I haven't felt so refreshed and fulfilled from a workout like I was last night sitting at home! BTW, did any of you see Clint's son yesterday? That kid is going to be a beast! Great job!!!