We’re not sure who started refering to our CFW clan as a family,
but it’s a perfect decription.

Hang Clean – work up to a heavy single

As many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of…
5 box jumps (24 – m / 20 – f)
5 ring dips
5 deadlift (185lbs – m / 155lbs – f)
5 alternating knees to elbows


0 thoughts on “Posted: 4/15/2009

  1. Hamid says:

    Hey guys thanks for all the welcome home's…I just got my internet up at the casa sorry it so delayed, Drew and Zack just let me know what time you guys are kicking it today and I'll be in to try and hang.

  2. Jill P says:

    Just checked out tomorrow's wod.
    What The F??? Is this Tony's oversees sense of humor?
    p.s. Cant wait!

  3. Les says:

    If anybody is interested in joining Julie and me, we're going to Cagefight night at the Schwartz Centre Saturday Apr 25. Tix are $35 for bleacher seats (first come first sit). Fights start at 7:30. We'll probably meet around 5ish to get in line for decent seats. Then do some drinkin' downtown afterwards.

  4. t. says:

    Hey… easy. First, I've got Les taking my girl out, now Jill is cussing me. Ouch. Ha! Just FYI, that deck of cards thing is Darren's baby.

  5. Les says:

    Tony, I REALLY don't think you need to worry yourself too much. If it helps, we're going dutch!

    Darren sucks.

  6. Les says:

    I wonder if it helps that I come from good 'ol boy stock? Albeit, a bit more refined and evolved, but good 'ol boy stock. I'll keep her in check. HOLLA!

  7. t. says:

    Les, you must not realize what you've gotten yourself into. You know how redknecks get after they've had a couple drinks and watch MMA right? Don't let her hurt anyone.

  8. DC says:

    Les you gotta watch JUju aftera few drinks and MMA.. Hell last time she was choking T…lol and Yes the deck of cards is my baby.. heheheh.

  9. Sensei says:

    Andrew, If you are planning on rolling tonight don't come til 8:15. and I don't have a gi for you….I suck…. call me 910-431-1038

  10. Jason Beninate says:

    yo yo i'm givin a shout out from quantico, va! i did cindy yesterday with a flak jacket and plates inside and still popped out 18 rounds…i love my new job and miss you guys…keep training hard

  11. colleen says:

    Will be in California next weekend, otherwise I would be right there with you Julie! I LOVE MMA and drinkin' 🙂 it gets me rowdy!! next time. . . have FUN!!