Melissa Byers ( on the pullup: 
I’ve posted a link to Melissa’s stuff before, but I thought this write up right on track.  I’ve always told you guys that the kip pull up and the pull are two entirely different things and that’s why we do both.  It’s a great perspective for women, by a woman, but it’s Melissa’s wit and sarcasm that made me want to post this.  -t. 

Do work.


"Total" – 1 rep max of each.

  Back Squat
  Shoulder Press
 Thanks for the photo Kate.

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  1. maria says:

    On April 20th I will be running the Boston Marathon. I am running for Dana Farber, a group that funds cancer research. My last marathon (8 years ago) I finished in 4 hrs 8 minutes, Next week,my goal is 3hrs 40minutes! Thanks ahead of time to my crossfit family for all of your support and interest in my race. Thanks to my morning crew for pushing me everyday and thanks to Tony for your advice. I will be wearing CFW somewhere on my body to represent our gym through the streets of Boston. I am also trying to raise money in the name of some friends and family for cancer research. If you can donate (even a dollar or two) Please leave it for me in an envelope at the gym, or donate on my website Thanks everyone and I will post my results next Monday!

  2. jillp says:

    I agree with Taylor and really love Byers take on things. If you get a chance try and look up her Fuck Off Foods section on her blog. Love it!

  3. taylor says:

    Thanks again, tony, for making me late to everything I have to do today. I log on to read todays WOD, get mixed up in what you have to say, read you'r girls post, follow her web site, dig a little deeper into some interesting stuff going on in her cyber world…time continuing to tick away…need to leave the house fifteen minutes ago…Have a good morning everyone 🙂 !!!

  4. ilario says:

    Great seeing all the mid-morning crew today. Congrats to Tom for crushing the total with 945! Laura, the CFE run WOD is: Warmup 4×100 backwards on the minute, then Cover as much distance as possible in each of the specified time intervals: 6min Sprint,3 min rest, 4 min Sprint, 2 min rest, 1min Sprint, 30 sec rest, 30 sec Sprint,15 sec rest, 15 sec Sprint. Ouch!

  5. Tracy says:

    Maria! The best to you this weekend! Racing is all about the moments! Enjoy those! Take it all in! The people, the scenery, how much time and effort you put into your training..all those things will be racing thru your pretty little head! Enjoy!
    And kick some butt!! We know you will!!

  6. t. says:

    That 11:38 (or was it 28?)is Zach I suppose? Dawn did it in the low 15 minute range with 95lbs… all sets of OHS unbroken. Both are very respectable times.

  7. taylor says:

    Totaly worth being late this morning…and look, Im back for more! Good luck Maria, Boston won't know what hit 'em. Ilario, does that mean sprint for 6 min straight? Is that possible? Am I a wuss for even thinking it's not?! Awesome job Dawn, you're a machine 🙂

  8. t. says:

    Oops. I meant Dawn did it in the HIGH 15 range. Sorry, I'm still trying to make her faster… even from here.

  9. Scott S says:

    Hey t. – Clint mentioned it yesterday, but check out Lots of CF Affiliates have joined in to post their WODs. If CFW joins, we can all post our times easily. Not only can we compare times, but it allows each person to keep track of their performance over time.

  10. peter says:

    I've signed up on beyond the white board and it's very cool. Our gym does need to sign up in order for us to get the most out of the site.

  11. CSLA says:

    Maria,I have thought of a way you can represent CFW in Boston,you should contact Jen "Prima Day Spa" and have her spray tan a stencil of crossfit wilmington across your shoulders,Im gonna do it for my next run.

  12. Em says:

    Excellent article…makes me feel a bit better about getting a dead hang pull up (FINALLY) and still struggling w/ the kip…thanks for that t.