Sunday’s are usually on you.  But today is Mike Sorg’s Birthday
and he asked for "G.I. Jane" to be posted…   so be it.
Happy Birthday Mike!
WOD: "G.I. Jane" 100 burpee pull ups for time.

Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture

      Have you ever heard someone say, or said yourself “I love pasta.”? Really?  If pasta is so good, why not eat it plain, straight from the pot? Or how about right from the package?
     Pasta is bland and almost tasteless by itself. It’s basically dense bread. And like bread, pasta needs something on it to make it appealing.
     At this point, most all of us know we don’t need a plate’s worth of pasta’s calories.  All calories of which are, insulin eliciting carbohydrates.  And let’s not forget, pasta has negligible to no nutritional content.  Yes, the spinach stuff included.  But I’m not even talking about the nutritional content of pasta here. 
     The point is, pasta doesn’t even taste good!
     So the next time you order or prepare your favorite heavily carbed-up dish, give it a try without the pasta. Chicken with alfredo? It‘s good without the fettuccine, add broccoli.  A pesto on clams with fresh veggies? Just as well than with linguini.  And there’s no doubt a filet is great with a gorgonzola cream sauce and a side of asparagus… there’s simply no need or reason, whatsoever, for pasta in your diet.


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  1. jj says:

    Happy Birthday Mike!!..Give me a shout if you need a counter for your workout…I just got my new Falcon, and I want to see how high he can count!!!

  2. CSLA says:

    Happy Birthday Mike Im not quite sure why You of all people requested a wod with burpees in it.I guess You want more, so You are doing more???

  3. maria says:

    Happy Birthday honey! I love you, but you're on your own with Jane today – I'll take care of the girls.

  4. ilario says:

    Congrats Mike! I'll be eating jelly beans …FOR TIME.
    OLYMPIA!!!! Your pictures are truly amazing!! What gifted artist you are! Thank you for donating your services to this cause. We'll start the bidding for Olympia's Photo shoot at $100.

  5. Dan says:

    Happy B-Day Mike. I have the pull bar here at the house and the kids can search for easter eggs. Then we can flip your tire when you are done. Enjoy the day Bro.

  6. DC says:

    Happy birthday Mike and I'll bump that bid to $120.. Also i want to tell everyone that our other beast Hamid is getting back today.. I'm bout to pick him up.. So guys get your mind right.. Another animal is back…

  7. mike s says:

    thanks for the b-day wishes, and GI Jane was not as fun as i had imagined it. jj no one needs that kind of help.