Today’s workout is outside.  We’re starting the construction of our showers and that requires cutting into the floor inside the gym.  It’s gonna take a week or  so to get them finished, so we ask you to hang in there with us while the gym gets updraded.  After tomorrow, there shouldn’t be any interference with our daily opertations and our training will go as planned.  – CFW
Kelly – weighted pull ups only 12 weeks after having her baby, Elle. 
Wow…  so we did Fran and FGB this week.  While I’m kind of over the hype of Fran and I hate even hearing "what’s your Fran time?" anymore, it’s undoubtably a good measure of anaerobic endurance.  It’s also painful… especially dropping it below 3 minutes.  So it’s a good standand for us to see where you’re at.  As FGB is good way for us to measure your performance in the lactic threshold.  Add a few lifts and a 5k run and we have all the thresholds tested.
We have five sub 3 minute Frans  from the males and numerous low 4 minutes from the ladies… only seconds from sub 4!  But even more impressive were all the 5 and 6 minute first time Frans.
FGB was even more impressive…  we had 21 males and 4 females over 300.  Four of them were first timers at FGB.  We had 8 guys and 1 girl surpass 350 and 3 of our boys hit over 405.
Those that had their first time at FGB and didn’t do as well as you wanted, don’t worry.  Your next one will see a 50 point increase.
Good work CFW.  
5 rounds for time of…
20 slegde swings (16lbs)
10 meter sprint
30 kb swings (16kg)
10 meter sprint
5 tire flips (330lbs)
20 meter sprint
Class at 12p


0 thoughts on “Posted: 3/27/2010

  1. Jason Beninate says:

    yo T, i take my recon screener on april 14th…i'm doing a "dry" run today. wish me luck man. i always try to keep my crossfit skills mixed in with my other strength training. good work on the numbers and can't wait until i'm at camp lejeune and i can start making my way down there on the weekends to train. have a good one!

  2. Matt M says:

    In the swing of things I don't remember who I threw my shirts too last weekend at the half marathon but if anyone has my gray CFW shirt and long sleeve could you please drop them off at the gym some time, thanx!

  3. AFED says:

    Kelly! You kick ASS! I love that and lil Ellen! Congrats on being so damn strong so damn quick. Did FGB today…man that WOD hates me! lol!