FAQ #1.6: Will I/can I get big doing CrossFit?

If you train the WODs hard, and eat right and get enough sleep, you will gain lean mass, lose fat, and yes, you can build muscle mass with the crossfit protocol.
Here is a hierarchy of training for mass from greater to lesser efficacy:
1. Bodybuilding on steroids
2. CrossFitting on steroids
3. CrossFitting without steroids
4. Bodybuilding without steroids
The bodybuilding model is designed around and requires, steroids for significant hypertrophy.
The neuroendocrine response of bodybuilding protocols is so blunted that without "exogenous hormonal therapy" little happens.
The CrossFit protocol is designed to elicit a substantial neuroendocrine whollop and hence packs an anabolic punch that puts on impressive amounts of muscle though that is not one of our concerns, strength and performance are.
Natural bodybuilders (the natural ones that are not on steroids) never approach the mass that our ahtletes do. They don’t come close.
Athletes who train for function end up with better form than those who value form over function. This is one of the beautiful ironies of CrossFit.


USMC Officer, Nix, at the end of a CFW wod.


WOD:  10 rounds for time…

  • 10 squat thrusters (m – 65lbs / f – 45)
  • 10 back extensions
  • 10 knees to elbows

Basin nutrition info –  http://www.crossfit.com/cf-info/start-diet.html