Tomorrow night at 7pm, Active Care Chiropractic will host CFW’s nutrition class.   
Active Care Chiropractic
5814 Oleander Drive
Wilmington, NC  28403

NC / SC Sectionals Men Competition Video
Aaron and Eric in the thrusters of yesterday’s WOD.


Overhead Squat – 1 Max rep set with body weight
Rest 10 minutes
5 rounds for time…
10 sumo deadlift high pull (115lbs-M / 75lbs-F)  *
50 meter sprint
30 kb snatches (16kg-M / 12kg) **
* SDHP are from ground to collar bone high
** Each Snatch starts on the ground and ends in full extension w/ kb overhead – DO NOT DROP THE KBs!
Snatch 85% x 1 x 5
Clean & Jerk 80% x 1 x 5
CrossFit WOD (OHS & Metcon)

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  1. t. says:

    On a way more serious note… I'm watch CSI Miami. It sucks. Whatever happened to Cop shows like Hunter??

  2. t. says:

    If interested, I’ll be at Dr. McGraw’w practice, Active Care Chiropratic, tomorrow night at 7pm giving my nutrition class. This one is Paleo and Zone, no IF on this one. However, I am considering doing an IF only class in the near future… I just need to know if there’s enough interest. I’ve been doing 16 hours of fasting (11pm – 3pm)/ 8 hours of feeding (3pm – 11pm) for 9 days now. I’ve nothing but good things to say. I’m amazed by the elevated levels of alertness I’ve experienced. Even though everything I’ve read says that’s the first thing noted, I am still surprised. Secondly, skipping breakfast and lunch is actually pretty nice. I have more time to do other things. I know, many of you are saying there’s no way to workout on an empty stomach. Well, because of the ribs I can’t do CF. The only thing I can do is bike. So… I’ve been doing CF Endurance stuff on the bike at the end of my fasting period. I’ve felt great. The fact is, fasting doesn’t deplete stored glycogen in the muscle cells inside of 72 hours. Once glycogen enters a muscle cell, it cannot leave. Uneless you’re doing intense exercise, your body doesn’t use that glycogen. So when you do exert, your muscles have plenty of fuel. I’ll continue to keep you posted. Let me know if you’re interested in IF enough for me to give an IF only class. Keep up the work!

  3. t. says:

    On a way more serious note… I'm watching CSI Miami. It sucks really badly. Whatever happened to Cop shows like Hunter??

  4. Em says:

    Ok guys…you are really "dating" yourselves here. Those shows went bye-bye when reality shows came into play…feeding off the "yuck" of the reality shows, feeds these current cop shows..surprising how many people think that stuff is real!! t…very interested in an IF class…I kinda do that as is with my crazy work schedule, not eating from 2am until around 6pm, then only eating one meal and a snack. Not a good way, so I need help! Let me know options on dates, hopefully I won't be working. And, finally, welcome to all the new trainers, I hope to be well enough in the near future to have you help me get back into CF 100% as quickly as possible (injury sucks).

  5. Sandra says:

    Up at 3:30 thinking about the motions of the Butterfly pull-up… really? Yes, really! I'm going to get it – soon! watch me. Thanks CHRIS and MIKE for your tips and support. Oh and Tony, they sure don't make them like "Walker Texas Ranger" any more. Though I think if CFW had a Crime Fighting Unit we would be more like the A-Team! (Tan taran taaan. Tan tan tan… Great – now I have that theme song in my head. In my announcer voice: "IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM (doing butterfly pull-ups), IF NO ONE ELSE CAN HELP (get your flabby butt into shape), IF YOU CAN FIND THEM (aaahh you're on the website; you found them) MAYBE YOU CAN HIRE… THE CFW A-TEAM! = )

  6. Scott S says:

    Race report from the Smiths – MizPat finished 11th out of 25 in her age group. Scott was 6th out 20. Thanks for CFW for all the preparation!

  7. Angela says:

    Good Job this morning all you 6am-ers! And a big thanks to Shawn and Thomas for being our "Weight Boys" and spotting us ladies as we OHS'd our body weight 🙂

  8. Sweaty says:

    t. – Count me in for an IF class. Started my IF today, gonna go with 3pm-11pm as my eating hours.

  9. the question man says:

    Random q, has anyone used active release therapy or a chiropractor and had real improvements? I seemed to have screwed my knee and have been living with some weird pain/numbness/etc that I think I need to get addressed. From what I see w/ A.R.T. it is basically doing the same thing as foam rolling, am I correct? Breaking down of scar tissue, etc. The knowledge out there makes me hesitant to use chiropractors due to the fact they claim to cure everything and always want to lock you into package deals and constant visits. Can any of my CF brethren shed any personal light on it?

  10. mike says:

    t, i am definitely interested in some info on IF, and now that you mention it, i miss crockett and tubbs.

  11. Shawn K says:

    Questioner, I have similar opinions of chiropractors in general, and yes, it is also my limited unprofessional opinion that AR is very much like rolling out and/or a targeted deep tissue massage. However, I had McGraw treat my foot after getting it busted up by a 4-wheeler and it did indeed result in a recovered range of motion and a decrease in overall pain. Each session was very much like a deep tissue session. In my case, having someone dig their thumbs painfully deep into my foot and stretch it for me was far more effective than the tennis and golf balls I had tried myself. In my case, I will continue to use AR when 1) i can afford the co-pay, and 2) I want to leverage the efficiency of having someone else do all the work for me. Magic? No. Effective for what it is? Yes.

  12. Dawn says:

    Hey guys I am missing my black Crossfit Wilmington sweatshirt. It is a medium and it has my initials in it (DH). Hopefully someone picked it up by accident. Please check your closets, floor, or in Maria's case in your large pile of laundry!! HAHA THANK YOU!!!

  13. t. says:

    I thought chiropractors did voodoo or graveyard medicine.
    Ilario told me about Dr. McGraw when I was having some issues in my neck. The MDs had been giving me the same ol' "ice it" and take NSAIDS. After a few weeks and some directions from Eric my neck problems were resolved. When in I tore my psoas major in OCT, he was, without doubt, a huge part of my recovery. Now… I have to tell ya, he can't do much for broken ribs. It actually hurts pretty bad to have you T-spine adjusted with broken first and second ribs! Ha. But, it was Eric that suggested getting my "shoulder injury" x-rayed b/c it wasn't getting better. And like shawn said, it's affordable. The other big part that makes me respect Dr. McGraw is he doesn't try to keep you coming back. I typically go back to see him way before he suggests.

  14. No GOOD says:

    I know I have been QUITE for a while. If you are interested PANTANO FOR CONGRESS is having a fund raiser this sat in southport. If you dont have a gun dont worry we can make something happen, but you will need to buy your own ammo 9mm. See info below and thanks!!!

    Steel Challenge Match Fundraiser
    Entry Fee: $20 What: Competitive Pistol Tournament
    You may shoot in more than one class additional entry fees.
    Center Fire 9mm or Larger – Pistol: Open, Limited and Production
    – Carbine (Pistol Cal. Only) Open and Limited
    5 Stages Approximately 130 Rounds
    When: March 27, 2010
    Where: Ant Hill Range HWY 211 and Midway Rd.
    Southport, NC
    Rim Fire .22 – Pistol: Open and Limited Time: 8:30am Registration – Carbine: Open and Limited 9:00am Walk Through
    For more information please contact: Joe Moran at 910/520-5982
    Other: http://www.AntHillRange.com

  15. No GOOD says:

    OH here are 2 shows that I will be surprised if anyone remembers. I grew up on them and loved them!! First Cop show was ADAM-12 Second was about Cali Firemen …EMERGENCY 1 , with Roy and Johnny oh yeah!!!!

  16. t. says:

    Hey. I just thought of something… we were supposed to a FGB a few weeks back. So how's everyone's schedule look for Friday?

  17. peter says:

    21 jumpstreet, duh!

    Chiropractors– years ago i had a terrible pain in my wrist. it hurt so bad that i couldn't even turn a door handle. knowing that the md would give me meds and tell me to ice it, i went to a chiropractor. Yes, at my initial consultation he took xrays and showed me what my neck and back looked like. i told him i just wanted to fix my wrist. after 3 sessions (you go like every other day) i had absolutely no more pain in my wrist. I do believe in chiropractors, but you have to be careful who you go to just like any other medical professional. get a second opinion. my wrist pain was at least 9 years ago and i have never had an issue since then.

  18. Maria says:

    Like the shirt Shawn (especially the remark about chalk) Speaking of chalk – 6AM crew I am not going to be able to do Fran with you guys tom…due to Mike's work schedule. Gonna try to get in tomorrow 6ish – Dawn, Abby what time are you going??

  19. Sara! says:

    Why hasn't anyone else mentioned David Simon's first work of genius – Homicide: Life on the Street.

    But Emergency! is pretty sweet, and free on Hulu. Emergency! actually promoted the concepts of the then-fledgling emergency medical service and allowed the general public to understand in (slightly dramatized) detail what medics and firemen do when we're not cooking/doing station duties/attending classes/playing Rock Band.