"If you do most of your training on a balance board, a Swiss Ball, or a Bosu ball, you’ll have a tremendous core and a small, weak body that we’ll all laugh at."
-TC Luoma        
        …while most of the bodybuilding type stuff Luoma and his site spews is ridiculas, he hit it on the head with this statement.  The balls, boards and other core/balance apparatus that have become popular training aids have no real life application

        AMERICAN COUNCEL ON EXERCISE (ACE) on "Functional" training:  "In functional training, it is as critical to train the specific movement as it is to train the muscles involved in the movement. The brain, which controls muscular movement, thinks in terms of whole motions, not individual muscles.  Exercises that isolate joints and muscles are training muscles, not movements, which results in less functional improvement. For example, squats will have a greater "transfer effect" on improving an individual’s ability to rise from a sofa than knee extensions."


Tony doing "girl" pull ups.

WOD:  5 rounds for time…        *remember, the weights are goals. scale as needed!

Each walk is to the fence and back (40meters).   Wanna make it harder? Use barbells instead…

  • Farmers carry (m- 140lbs/ f – 90lbs)  1 DB each hand, i.e., 70/70 and 45/45.
  • Waiter’s walk (m – 90lb / f – 45lb)  1 DB overhead. Switch hands at fence
  • Walking lunge (m – 90lbs / f – 50lbs) 1 DB each hand (45/45 and 25/25)