CFW Affilitate Team try outs begin today.
We have over 20 athletes interested in competing.  Each Affiliate can only enter one team of 6 persons, two of which must be female.  Therefore, we’ve devised a "Tryout" for the team…
There will a block on the white board for those of you interested in representing CFW at the CrossFit Regional Affiliate Team Competition in Jacksonville, FL to put your results from each WOD for the next week.  Before you begin your workout, inform one of our instructors and he or she will judge or appoint someone to judge your workout insuring every rep is legit.  There are 6 workouts between now and Sunday.  Candidates must complete at least five of them in the order they are posted.  Only four of the workouts will actually be graded…  candidates will not know which four or the six.
Then, on Sunday, 28 March at 11am we will have the final day of tryouts.  It will consist of an individual workout immediately followed by a team workout.
For the team workout, candidates names will be "drawn from a hat" and teams of 4-5 will be asesembled.  Of those teams, the candidates will appoint their team a team leader.  The workout and it’s guidelines will be given to the team leader and with a short time for planning and organization, the workout will begin. 
After this workout, the teams will be broken up and the process repeated one more time.
Candidates will be judged not only on performance, but also how well the work with their team.  Commitment to the team is of the upmost importance.
The Ladies of CFW – Strong Women
Julie G. and Julie E. – 50 reps of 50lbs sledge swings for time
2 rounds for time…
(95lbs-M / 65lbs-F)
20 snatch
20 jumping squat
10 walking lunges
10 squats
20 push press
10 split jerk (split jerk!)
10 push ups
Weightlifting Class at 12p

0 thoughts on “Posted: 3/20/2010

  1. AFED says:

    SO sweet we are having a level 1 cert here!!! I am soo pumped! T let me know what I can do to help! As far as this affiliate team…I am gonna try out. I am however NERVOUSE about $$$ for Cali…New car + new home= busted ass bank account SO we will see!

  2. Sandra says:

    You know… I saw some pictures of the old box and it amazes me how much we've grown – it's awesome! Each time I go in the gym there seems to be 2-3 new faces… I'm thinking it's time for a CrossFit Wilmington "Meet & Greet" What do you think, Cadre? Maybe like a Sunday BBQ – BYOBB (Beer and Beef and side items and chairs and cutlery = )) Maybe at a park or someone's house – it'll have to be a big one this time!

  3. Tracy says:

    Hey Team! Julie and Julie you girls are strong way to go!! Sandra nice work with the 50lb hammer this morning! Maura and Melissa way to beast that wod today! Tony thanks for the push! If anyone would like to join some of us tomorrow morning at 6:30am by the Dunkin Donuts parking lot on Military Cutoff to cheer on the Half and Full Marathoners Come on!! Call me if you want to meet up 620-9513