Congratulations to Mark T., Andy L., and Matt I.  They’ve all gotten the muscle up in the past few weeks!!

"Of all the things I hate about exercise culture, the most hateful is the pontificating about form. Exercise should be kind of primitive and stupid and entirely physical; it should not require flourishes and perfect sneakers and 10 sessions of learning minutiae before you even break a sweat.  If you say, ‘I will not take my intensity past where the form goes bad,’ the INTENSITY WILL NEVER DEVELOP.” – Coach G. on intensity vs. form

Darren, Josh, and Casey of CFW with Pat and Dave of CF HQ at the L1 cert in Charlotte this past weekend. 

WOD:  1/2 "Nate"     As many rounds as you can in 10 minutes of…

  • 2 muscle ups (sub: 4 pull ups / 4 dips)
  • 4 Handstand push ups
  • 8 dumbbell / kettlebell swings (goal: m – 70lbs / f – 45lbs) 



***Tomorrow night CFW will be closing an hour early (at 7:00p).  Come to City Tavern in Mayfaire Thursday night at 8:00pm to welcome Casey home and send Tony off proper.