CrossFit Level 1 Cert at CFW
June 19-20
For more info and to register, go to:
CrossFit HQ posted this cert on Tuesday.  If you’re interested in getting L1 Certified, don’t waste time registering.  The certs usually fill up and registration is closed within a week, often less.  Put a deposit down and secure your spot asap!

  Mo – Snatch grip high pull
Hang Snatch – work up to a heavy single
Choose one:
For time…
200 sledge swings (8lbs hammer)
175 sledge swings (10lbs hammer)
125 sledge swing (16lbs hammer)
50 sledge swings (50lbs hammer)
*best 50 with 50lbs gets a t-shirt, male and female!  Get some.
Weightlifting – Rest
Endurance – Rest

0 thoughts on “Posted: 3/18/2010

  1. Sweaty says:

    Make sure to hold off giving out that T-shirt till Friday, thursday is my rest day so ill be doing this one friday afternoon!

  2. thomas says:

    thanks sweat, thursday is my laundry day so i wont need to pick up my new shirt until friday anyways, thanks for the good looking out though!

  3. Noelle says:

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes – Rachel, you described it perfectly! And… seriously… we have a 50lb sledge hammer?!

  4. Sweaty says:

    Oh I know the competition will be stiff, I just didnt want to miss out when you get your reward at the shirt giving ceremony thomas

  5. Jae says:

    Time to scare the new neighbors. My gym doesn't have the equipment for this so I'll be doing it in my front yard. We've already freaked the people out at our gym when my husband brought the tire and sledge hammer with him and made me do the seldge swings in the parking lot on one of the other WOD's.

  6. drew says:

    Jae- crossfit is pretty good for that. My fav is "the viking" where we look like we're chasing eachother around with sledgehammers. That's hilarious that you'd actually drive to a gym with a tire. I'm sure the people had to stop reading their magazines on the ellipticals to try to figure what was up with that!

  7. taylor says:

    EVERYONE! March Babies birthday party is this saturday. There will be inflatable slide, and joust! Jello shots will be supplied, but otherwise BYOB and BYOM (meat). Thank God its not at my house this year, I have paid my dues. It will be at my friend Jim's house, we will be starting at 2:00, good family time for the slide and stuff, and go into the night from there. I would love to see everyone come have fun! No, you don't have to BE a March baby, just come party with them 🙂 5621 Saint Nicholas RD Wilm., 28405. Its basically a hop skip and a jump away from CFW. There is an invite on my FB page, but no address is listed on that. See you there!!

  8. KC says:

    CF L1 cert coming to CFW. That is really exciting. This really speaks volumes for the staff and the facility that Tony has put together. I bet it really stings the nostrils of the neighbors! Well done CFW!!

  9. clint says:

    real men dont need rest! I did it at 6 am. With "Dawn the Task Master" telling me to make sure both hands were over my head! Much satisfied she said I did a great Job!

  10. Jae says:

    any suggestions for a sub WOD/exercise for a loser who doesn't have a sledge and a tire at the moment (love you big bro if your reading this)

  11. Shawn K says:

    Clint, how ironic that you finally make a morning crew workout when most of us are taking our rest day. How much did it cost you to have Dawn corroborate that story?