Tomorrow Night!
Nutrition Class – 6:30pm at CFW – Cost: $30.00
No amount of exercise can undo the damage of a bad diet.  The class focuses on Paleo eating but covers the Zone Diet’s parameters (in a more simplified way) for how much you should eat each day and now I’m adding an intro to Intermittent Fasting and it’s benefits. 
"Research on nutrition and food is no longer conducted to improve our health and well being.  It is conducted for marketing purposes and as a method to get us to buy one product over another and it is all based on us being constant consumers."
– Brad Pilon, author "Eat Stop Eat".
My class is an eye opeing experience.  The feeding is a health, weightloss, and performance guarantee.  I don’t promote a diet.  I teach you how to feed.  The results are in our top athletes’ performances.  But even moreso, it’s in our most commited members’ blood work.  The performance increases recorded by the clock…  the wellness improvements are vetted by crushing the American Medical Association’s guidelines for health! -t.

Walt – 425lbs pull
Monday we totalled.  The average male DL at CFW was 422.1lbs.  Remove those who’ve only been with us for 4 months or less from the average, and it goes up to 451lbs.  Our average female DL was 237lbs.  Remove from that average the ladies who’ve only been at CFW for 4 months or less and it goes up to 258.3lbs.  Nice work.
Choose one…
225 push ups 
2 reps Clean (185lbs-M/115lbs-F) every minute on the minute
250 push ups
3 reps Clean (135lbs/95lbs) EMOM
275 push ups
5 reps Clean (95lbs/65lbs) EMOM
300 push ups
10 reps (65lbs/45lbs) EMOM
Class at 6p

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  1. Em says:

    Oy Vey….I honestly wish I could do this WOD…very nice…kick arse all…I'll be doing make ups for a while!

  2. AFED says:

    holy sh#*! I'm washing my hair right before…my arms won't be going over head anytime soon! I was wondering how to increase my Shoulder Press…careful what you wish for! This will be CRAZY fun!

  3. Justin K says:

    Nice job Walt, and to all the cfw ladies and men. those are some bigg #'s. and who ever can answer Abby's question let me know;) Happy St. Pattys be safe today cf family.

  4. Noelle says:

    Wow. What a wod for my special day! Going out to grab a bite for dinner after an evening workout – low key. All are welcome!

  5. Liz says:

    Luckily my arms are so tired after this gem of a WOD, I wont be able to lift a greeb beer up to my mouth.

  6. mike says:

    happy bday noelle and kent! got a dog, needs a home, pit bull, 6 years old, black and white female, is a lovely dog… as a matter of fact loves people so much that she wants you all to herself, has recently had "creative differences" with another k-9 buddy in the home, she is laid back and only wants to lay on the couch with a human friend, oh and she gets a little too "excited" about cats so probably would need to be no cats. posting this for maria,

  7. t. says:

    Ron's a sucker for the "lovely" dog thing, who's next??? I have to apologize to everyone that I told I would run the 1/2 this weekend. I'm backing out. I just returned from the Ortho Doc and getting some x-rays. The good news, my shoulder problem that causes the pain in my chest when I workout isn't my shoulder at all. The bad news, it's a broken first and second rib! I signed up and paid for the race, so I think Clair is going to take my number and run it.

  8. maria says:

    Christina I have no pics unfortunately, but will try to get some. She is an EXCEPTIONALLY good dog and would make a GREAT pet. Call me if you have someone in mind 431-2899…Tony how's your PGE release lately??

  9. t. says:

    I'm putting together the IF portion of the nutrtion class. I realize now from talking to many of you guys about it there's a lot of misconception about why IF is good for you. I hear the words detox and cleanse mostly. Well, that's not what's it about. We typically don't eat poisons (unless you eat processed foods, but that's what the Paleo portion of the class is about) or dirt, so I don't think any of us need to "detoxify" or "clean" our insides. IF is about returning to the way our ancestors ate… they way humans evolved to feed. Paleo is the food, Zone is how much, IF is the when. The best thing I can say is to forget EVERYTHING you've heard about fasting and conversely, eating and come on Thursday to the nutrition class. The focus is still on food quality (Paleo) and quantity (Zone), but the IF portion is going to be most interesting! I'm going to present three reasons (or goals) for IF; health and wellness, weight (fat loss), and performance. Each means tweaking the fast and feeding periods a bit differently.

  10. Sweaty says:

    T. – will you be discussing the same info from the last class? Id like to learn about IF but time might not be on my side thursday evening. Will it be the first, middle, or last part of your presentation?

  11. Jen S. says:

    Happy Birthday Noelle and Kent!!!! CK…you're asking for it haha (o: This wod looks awesome..can't wait!

  12. Rachel J says:

    Happy Birthday Noelle! Hope you enjoyed your day and that it ended with you laying on the floor in a pool of sweat with a smile on your face!