A new comer experiences the love/mostly hate relationship we have with burpees…
Do you feel sorry for them or wish them more burpees?
Welcome to CFW Craig!
Today there are 3 workouts posted.  Classes and members that are only doing one workout, will do WOD #1 (no exceptions please).  Members going to the Sectionals this weekend and those who would like to compete on our affilitate at the Regionals and anyone who would just like to do more than one of these, are encouraged to do all three.  Complete each workout in order they’re posted!
1 hour of rest and proper post workout feeding between WODs is suggested.  More rest is ok, i.e, if you have to do wod 1 at 6am, wod 2 at noon, and wod 3 at 5pm, so be it.
Post times, number of rounds, and rest durations.
3 rounds for time…
23 deadlift (255lbs-M / 145lbs-F)
50m Sprint (i.e., run fast!)
17 KB Swings (24kg-M / 16kg-F)
50m Sprint
AMRAP in 5 minutes of…
2 shoulder press (135/95)
3 push press
4 jerk (power or split)
For time…
50 C2B pull up
75 box jump 24"
100 wall ball 10ft / 20lbs
50 hang snatches (85lbs-M/55lbs – F) *each lift starts in the hang pos, and received below parallel)
Open gym members, please do not do your own thing today.  Today’s CFW WODs, in order, only please. 
Hang Snatch  2 x 3  (95lbs-M / 65lbs-F)
Snatch Drop 3 x 3 (95 / 65)
Snatch Grip Deadlift – work up to a heavy triple x 3

10 thoughts on “Posted: 3/1/2010

  1. Julie G. says:

    These Wods look awesome. Unfortunately I am at a Crossfit that does not offer open gym, so these will have to wait until Sunday for me in my garage or next week at CFW. Just want to again emphasize how lucky we are at CFW to attend a CF that holds the bar high and not program their WODS on their clientele. I say if people want aerobics go to Globo. I am just a little bit bitter about missing these. LOL.

  2. kent says:

    How many women are ya'll sending this weekend? Also how many little girls like Zach and josh are going? What excuse does Darren have this time other than being about 80lbs over weight?

  3. Clair says:

    Kent,You forgot another variable… Guys with girl names!!! Not that I'm going but just saying.

  4. Josh says:

    I thought those older athletes in the Master's division didnt have to go to Sectionals. I think thats where they are also holding the Men's Bananna Hammock Bikini Contest

  5. Sensei says:

    Hey what where the top three times for Saturdays WoD? That thing kicked my booty. Good luck to you ALL my CFW brothers! This weekend is going to be awesome!!! Please keep me updated!

  6. t. says:

    Kent MB, congrats on the new space. As this weekend goes… our boys are ready. I think it's 6 or 8 guys. No ladies. Our girls are eyeing the Affiliate Team Comp.

    Julie, you travel and see many different CFs. I've said it many times before, I'll always program to challenge the fastest and strongest. Affiliates that water things down in an effort to not scare potential clients only hurt themselves in the long run. New and less conditioned athlete are presented with a goal in our workouts and given examples of what they can achieve in our more experienced and developed athletes. The Crossfit Comfortables out there are ok, but the ol' 95lbs/65lbs Rx is done.

  7. kent says:

    Claire nice job giving up before the fight even begins. I guess the name fits. Im just sayin. Josh…..shut up and sit down. I just hope that you wear a freakin sports bra so nobody gets hurts by those massive man boos.

  8. Sandra says:

    HOLY PALEO GODS!!! I just made some GARLIC MASHED CAULIFLOWER and it is yummmazing. Taking some to the box for a taste test. It looks and feels (texture) just like mashed potatoes too. I think I just solved my spud-dependency. Amen for late afternoon inspiration

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