CrossFit. It’s the buzzword on the internet these days. If you want to get your article clicked or read (at least partially), put CrossFit in the title and you’re guaranteed some traffic.


Most articles center around whether or not CrossFit is dangerous. Let’s talk about this for a moment.


CrossFitters vehemently denies that CrossFit is dangerous, while many doctors and PTs are adamant that CrossFit is the most dangerous thing you can do for your joints. I think the real answer lies somewhere in between. CrossFit, like most activities, can be dangerous if not done correctly, but we’re going to give  you some easy ways to make CrossFit safer for you.


1. Move Well Before Moving Fast

Focus on perfecting your movement patterns. You may be able to get away with a few ugly squats here and there. But poor form over the course of weeks and months can really take a toll on your joints. Start to move fast once you can move well. There’s a reason we start all of our members off with 5 Elements sessions. We want to ingrain proper movement patterns before adding in speed.


2. Take Rest Days

Your body builds muscle and regenerates on its rest days. Take at least 2 per week. If you are constantly beating yourself up, you’ll never recover and set yourself up for injury. Rest days mean actual rest. Running a 5k is not rest, doing a slow workout is not rest. Rest is rest.


3. Take Time to Stretch and Mobilize

Take 10 minutes per day to stretch and mobilize tight, stiff muscles. It’s important to allow your joints to move so they stay healthy in the long term. You can stretch on your own or at the gym. Just do it.