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Check out Alamo CrossFit.  Not only do their shirts rock, but so does their motto…
"Don’t use machines, become one!"
"Don’t Workout With Strangers"
C.J. Martin of CrossFit Invictus on the cameraderie of CrossFit Affilitates.
Elevators are awkward. They present an opportunity by which you could be uncomfortably confined with several individuals that you have never met. Body odors, loud talkers and space invaders are just a few of the many perils of the awkward elevator situation. And because we know that the ride will end soon, it just isn’t worth making a personal connection with our fellow passengers. Unfortunately, at GloboGyms around the country, millions of individuals are turning their fitness facilities into similarly awkward and unappealing places. GloboGyms are filled with people tuned in to their headphones and doing everything humanly possible to avoid eye contact. There is always some trepidation as to whether someone is going to want to “work in” with you and leave a sweaty trail in their wake. More often than not there is a guy grunting or yelling loud enough for any female of breeding age to hear him from across the gym and look over to see his kipping bicep curl. Despite all of this, millions suck it up and hurry through their workout hoping to make it out of their with as few awkward interactions as possible.  

Why do people choose to put themselves in that environment? Given a choice, wouldn’t you rather workout amongst friends who will support and encourage your efforts and celebrate your successes? If not, you’re a sociopath and can stop reading. But if you are like those of us who enjoy the company of others, CrossFit Invictus is the place for you.

One of our taglines and objectives at CrossFit Invictus is “Building Communities,” and it is something we take very seriously. We believe that there is more to elite fitness than just athletic achievement. CrossFit facilitates development of mental fortitude because of the rigors associated with its relative intensity, but more importantly, it fosters friendships in a way that is only typically seen in team sports and certain divisions of our Armed Forces. CrossFit can at once be inspiring and humbling. It presents hurdles that seem insurmountable and the thrill of achievement when they are overcome. It’s precisely because of these rigors and their associated emotions that we grow close to those who share the experience with us. We cheer the loudest for others because we remember overcoming a similar obstacle and know the sense of achievement. Their successes become our inspiration and drive us to achieve even more.  

For the most part, this community building is organic and needs very little tending. But it is important to plant the seed. At CrossFit Invictus I ask at the beginning of each coaching session that everyone takes a moment to introduce themselves to anyone in the room they don’t know. I encourage our more veteran athletes to take the initiative to introduce themselves to newcomers even before the session begins. It might seem silly or forced, but it is amazing how knowing someone’s name can change your view of them and your willingness to connect with them. So if you have not made a habit of it already, be sure to shake someone’s hand and introduce yourself the next time you see someone in here that you haven’t met. By doing so, you help us combat the awkwardness that plagues GloboGyms (and elevators) everywhere.

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  1. ilario says:

    That T-shirt is great! JJ- Sunday fun is on and it should be sunny and warm! 2pm @ Wrightsville beach park parking lot. Let's invert last week's drill as follows: 10x100m (1per minute), rest 5 mins then run loop (2.54) for time. There are bars at the park for anyone wanting to work on cals…

  2. mike s says:

    ilario, jj, anyone at the beach, there are also bars along the loop, lagerheads, buddy's etc. keep an eye out for me as i may be performing 12 oz. kipping curls around 2-3 p.m.

  3. Tracy says:

    Nice job at WB park! JJ your a beast! Ilario how freakin fast did you run the loop? Chris, Clint and the boyz good work out there!

  4. clint says:

    Ilario, you are the man. I apologize to all who came for my pitiful showing in the loop run. I am disgusted with myself. Way to go JJ

  5. ilario says:

    Thanks for the encouragement Tracy. Clint, thanks for bringing the family out post-bday cake! JJ is a beast!! He ran the loop with a 50Lb ruck in 24:00!!
    Way to go JJ!!

  6. Rachel Joye says:

    Hello Tony and Happy Belated B'day. My first message didn't go thru but I just want to thank you and everyone at crossfit for what you have done for my family. You have so changed our lives. Tomorrow Feb. 9th Dan started his free trail with you one year ago and if you can remember he could hardly run! Well not only has he turned into one hot looking dude that will live to see his son grow up but he also is becoming an amazing competor! This past weekend for his birthday he competed in an off road triathlon! I just want to thank everyone that works and plays at crossfit wilmington for how you have all helped change not only Dan's life but mine too! I love my crossfit family!

  7. Chris says:

    Ilario, had a great time at the park running the sprints. Thanks for leading us. Tracy was my cheerleader, and JJ I don't know how you do it.

  8. julie says:

    Rachel, you guys are great people. We should be thanking Dan. Dan has shown us what hard work and dedication can do for one's soul and spirit. He is proof that this stuff works.