Happy Birthday Clint!
Sunday Runday – 1:30pm at Wrightsville Beach Park. 
Angela: Clean & Jerk PR – 115lbs
     Strength is a standard set by each individual, yet contains certain undeniable absolutes. Strength to the “weakest” is weakness to the “strongest”. But yet, the strongest of the strong are to everyone, strong. 
     Strength in life’s everyday situations is required: strength to push through the pain of stressful circumstances, the overwhelming weight of necessity, and the irritation of expectation. These create and empower the strongest breed of people that have ever lived. 
     Strength isn’t merely determined by the singular ability to make clear decisions in stressful situations, or the sole ability to move massive objects with ease, it’s so much more! Someone who exhibits true strength is awe inspiring. His razor sharp mind slices through difficult mental mucks with ease; his muscles react accordingly. Enveloped in his personal training, on the final round, eating away the reps, his muscles splintering under the stress presented by raw perseverance, his body screams, “Stop! You can’t take anymore!, But you have to!, Don’t quit!, Do it! Push!” and he collapses. Ignored the pain, finished the fight, victory! His muscles strong, now depleted; his mind strong, now stronger. It’s truly amazing; the strength of the mind has the ability to override the will of the physical. Mastering the body and mind simultaneously is the epitome of true strength.
     Will power is the strongest most potent form of strength; contagious actually. It’s coveted by many, desired by most, but attained by few. Those who strive for this excellence in life are the ones who lead and push us through. Set the standard high, use all of your strength today, become the strongest for tomorrow. 
– Alan Horsley
CFW Athlete and 16 years old
John: Snatch PR – 195lbs

"Strength to the weakest is weakness to the strongest." 

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  1. Sensei says:

    Be warned how…form may be easily degenerated into formalism. courage into brawling. loyalty into servility. calmness into insensitivity. Therefore, be sincere in your every action!

  2. ilario says:

    Hey team, its gonna be 45 and sunny, so we hope to see you all for funday-runday-Sunday! Bring gloves. The WOD: 100 Burpees and then the 2.5 mile loop, on a continuous clock. Compare your run times to previous efforts! PS, thank you for all of the support on our campaign for the US Congress! If you would like to volunteer, help out, put signs in your yard or host a small get together event, please email Diane at:
    We can win this seat, which hasn't moved parties in 100-years. But we need your help. When you get a chance, check out our video series at

  3. drew says:

    Had a kick ass time last night at the fight night. Unfortunately I can't make it to normal run time, but I will be out there around 4 or 5 if anyone needs to do it later!

  4. maria says:

    OK so grinding your own almond meal is at least 3 times cheaper than buying it. All you need is a food processor…it takes about 1-2 minutes to grind. I got a huge bag of plain, unsalted almonds at Costco for about 11 bucks.

  5. Noelle says:

    Love the quote today. It brings new perspective on things.

    Maria – so funny you mentioned that. Just bought a big bag from Sam's on friday and attempting it today. Found a recipe for almond meal crackers and also paleo-type protein bars to send overseas! Let me know if you got any good recipes!

  6. ju says:

    Wow, Alan that is amazing stuff. Only 16 huh? Not only are you an awesome athelete, but you are a smart young man.

    Happy Birthday Clint!!

  7. Dan says:

    Very impressive Alan. Love it. IP your idea of 100 burbees before a run was brilliant. It slowed my miles by over a minute. At home 100 burbees and two miles 27:26 and Rachel was a minute behind. Hope you guys had fun at the beach.

  8. A FED says:

    Alan…WOW. So profound for 16…made me think back 14 years ago…I HAD NOTHING on you! Great work! No runday for me! NOW I am on a soccer team and we played around today! FELT damn good…ass is feelin it tho! Go Saints!