Interested in becoming a volunteer for Ilario’s campain?  There’s a volunteer’s meeting at 9am tomorrow morning at CFW for all who would like to be a part of Pantano for Congress.  Anyone can help.  Everyone is welcome.

Happy Birthday Dan!
***If you are going interested in competing as an individual or on our affiliate team for the CrossFit games we are holding a meeting this Saturday at 1pm.

Upcoming Events at CFW:
Paleo / Zone Nurtrition Class: Wednesday, Febuary 10 at 6pm  $20.00
Get serious about your weightloss, performance, and health.  No amount of exercise is a subsitute for good nutrition. 
Powerlifting Seminar with Will Kuenzel:  Saturday, March 13 from 9am- 4pm  $60.00
Spend a day with powerlifting coach Will Kuenzel of Energized Fitness Solutions ( learing techniques to improve your deadlift, press, and squat.
Saturday, May 1st CFW is hosting Gillian Mounsey’s Fundamentals of Gymnastics Workshop
Gillian’s strength, balance, and coordination have been featured in many videos, such as this one:, and documentaries on the CrossFit mainsite ( Gillian’s one day workshop teaches basic gymnastic skills and will improve your performance by developing your balance, core stability, and mastery of bodyweight movement. 
For more info and registration, go to:
To see more vidoes of Gillian, go to:
Scott flips the 520lbs tire…
People say our training is hard, intimidating, and even crazy…  weak people. 
5 RDS for time
250 row
7 thruster (135-m /  F-95)
push ups
AM – Class at 6am: Max
PM –
Snatch 75% x 3 x 3
Clean & Jerk 80% x 2 x 3

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/5/2010

  1. Peter says:

    Happy Birthday Dan!!!! Congrats to JJ on making Captain!!! See, it took years of playing with hoses but you finally made it.

  2. Rachel says:

    And the B'days just keep on. It big Dan's Birthday today! I love you so much. And even more because you found CFW 2 yrs ago. WOW! Look what two years has done to my man! Happy Birthday my love!

  3. DC says:

    HAppy Bday DAN!!! and you have come such a long ways.. keep it up bro.. and JJ congrats man.. And Big Scott I know of a time when you would be like aww yeah right you want me to do what.. now look at you getting on that tire again.. you go bro..

  4. Tracy says:

    Dan! Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the day!! JJ congrats on Captain!! Way to go Scott Woohoo!! Look at all the great things happening at CFW!!

  5. Jen S. says:

    Congrats Capitan JJ!!! Happy Birthday Dan!!!
    Scott…I am wowed! VERY Impressive! …but of course we would expect no less. (o:

  6. laura says:

    Happy birthday to Tony and Dan. And congratulations to JJ on your promotion! May you continue to enrich the lives of those around you. You are all a blessing and encouragement.
    Start by doing what is necessary. Then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.

  7. Noelley says:

    Hey guys – just want to let everyone know Kenny and Phil are hosting the Cape Fear Soccer Association Scholarship 5K TOMORROW at 10:00am to raise money for their kids! It's at Cape Fear Regional Soccer Park off of 421. It's a cool course. Let's support our boys!! See ya'll out there!!

  8. maria says:

    Happy Birthday Dan! Thanks for bringing Mike and I to CFW. JJ congrats – my parents dug up a really great picture of you and me circa 1982 on our GOGAS soccer team. You and I are standing right next to each other – and look at us now… still on the same team. Congrats and I'll get you a copy if you don't have one at home!

  9. Bryan says:

    oh captain, my captain!nice work jj. t, and dan happy birthday! Scott and Zach you guys are amazing! 2morrows workout looks awesome! sorry I can't make I had to my bo duke impersination to get up to dc. see all you badasses on tuesday. Thank you all for being who you are!