Happy Birthday Dan Joye!

Jill overcoming her Fear of our Boxes.

 WOD:  Core training

Complete each exercise in a deliberate and controlled manner.  Use moderate weight for all.  It doesn’t take much weight to acheive the desired training results.

  • 5L/5R – 5L/5R – 5L/5R  KB or DB windmills
  • 5L/5R – 5L/5R – 5L/5R  turkish get ups
  • 10 – 10 GHD sit ups (touch ground ea. rep)
  • 10 – 10 GHD back extensions
 KB/DB Windmills:
Place the feet between hip and shoulder width apart and press or push press a dumbbell, kettlebell, barbell or other implement overhead. Turn the feet slightly to the side opposite that holding the weight. Keeping the back leg straight, bend the front leg slightly, leaning the torso forward while rotating it slightly, looking up at the weight overhead. Lower your torso as low as your flexibility will allow, ideally until you can touch the floor with your free hand. Keep the overhead arm locked and stable. Return to the top.

Windmill Vid and explanation from www.cathletics.com

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/5/2009

  1. Will says:

    I misplaced your number, but I want to get up one day this week or next and make a day of it. My number is 919-215-2509. Sorry I missed y'all this past weekend, I was out of town.

  2. ilario says:

    T. She's even sporting Puma flats! And she has the kids doing Box Jumps onto the bed! Talk about Kool-Aid drinkers!

  3. t. says:

    Ilario, is that the same skeptic lady I met just before I left??? Hahaha. Jill, I knew the woman standing with Ilario could be no weakling and the doubts you had when we met were only temporary.

  4. Aaron says:

    Maura and Adam, Damn right! I leave north chase at 4:59:59 so I should be a CFW around 5:15 to warm up and GET IT ON!

    See you both then!

  5. Maura says:

    Great job Jill! Adam and Aaron, are you guys still doing yesterday's around 5-5:30 today? I couldn't make it yesterday and will be in around that time too

  6. Maura says:

    If anyone is interested I am doing a 3 mile trail run for a friend of a friend who died from a brain tumor. I'd love the company. He leaves behind a wife and two children. It's on March 22nd at 9 am. Here is the description:

    To honor Ray Underhill's spirit of strength and kindness, we have organized the first annual ‘Run For Ray’ trail run. Ray will be remembered by some as a Powell-Peralta Bones Brigade pro skateboarder of the late 80’s with the smooth style and deep bag of tricks. The terrain is technical, hilly and the trail can be very challenging in spots. Aid stations will be at various locations along the course with water available.

    There is also a 6 mile run. The cost of the 3 mile is $20 and the 6 mile is $25. It's at the Blue Clay Mountain Bike Park

    For more info visit: http://runforray.blogspot.com/ or active.com

  7. Aaron says:

    Hey All, Check out this link: http://www.luciromberg.com/
    This is really cool stuff, If you've ever researched free running or parkour it's the utmost in accuracy / endurance and power. You will notice how she rolls out of some of the really high falls, if you ever want to learn ow to roll or fall safely let's get together!

  8. maria says:

    Hey everybody – today is Dan Joye's birthday – 38 I believe. He is resting up for an adventure race this weekend – so maybe we can celebrate for him next week!!

  9. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Dan! Don't think that you are getting out of your birthday WOD. Don't worry I won't make it up.

  10. maria says:

    I would definitely be interested in the run and Mike too…he remembers watching Ray skate. Can you post a reminder when we get closer??

  11. Charlie says:

    Hey Maura, I'm already down for six. Life is so short – share the stoke – for our bros who left to early!

  12. ilario says:

    Maura, I'd like to go too. Charlie, I'm with you on the six. How far away is it? Tracy, can you come? Dan! Happy b-day!