Running today at 4pm at Wrightsville Park, a.k.a., the loop.
Technique vs. Power
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Liz and Amanda C & J 105lbs with power and strength.
Crossfit Wilmington - Workout Of the Day picture
Meagan C & J 105lbs with technique.
  In the past few years theres been a bit of a shift in Crossfit from perfecting technique and learning to be most effecient at all movements to more of a "just get it done" mentality.
  There’s been much debate on why and how it’s happened and if it’s good or not.  I attribute it to numerous things, but mostly a lack of understanding by many trainers, coaches, instructors, or whatever we’re calling ourselves these days… of the mechanics of the human body and thus, a decline in the quality of instruction given at many CF affiliates. 
  The point I’m making here is that economy of motion and efficiency of an athlete’s output directly affects his or her performance.
  It’s like B-Mac and Co. at CF Endurance say about running, swimming, and cycling… learn the technique, practice the technique, then and only then, add intensity.
  At different weights with different athletes, technique can be sacrificed for speed.  In ground to overhead, Josh blasted through 92 reps in 10 minutes at 135lbs with a "clean grip muscle snatch".  Athletes that do not possess the size and power can only do half those reps with a "decent" power clean and power / push jerk. 
  However, as we increase the pounds, every athlete encounters a weight when his/her strength is going to get the lift and more exact technique is required to complete the movement.  In Josh’s case, we could Rx as many ground to overhead in 5 minutes at 245lbs.  Well, he’s not going to be able to muscle snatch that.  He’s going to have to switch to a true clean and most likely, a spit jerk. 
  No matter where you stand (or sit) on the subject, it’s inarguable that improved technique with any movement improves your time in a CrossFit workout. 
  In the athletes above,  Liz and Amanda can "muscle" 105lbs around in the as many reps of Ground to Overhead in 5 minutes workout.  They’re both new to CF Wilmington, and are improving their technique daily.  But they still rely on their strength to complete movements that are meant to be completed with skill and technique.  I’m not picking on them at all.  Both are strong, powerful, and coordinated athletes and capable of 185lbs plus Clean & Jerk.  They just a few months of training and they’ll be besting the times on our board.  Watch them.
  Meagan only weighs 105lbs (wearing weightlifting shoes!).  So we Rx’ed a WOD that requires her to Ground to Overhead her BW as many times as she can in 5 minutes.  There aren’t many CFs out there Rx’ing that.  And not that we did on purpose (yet), but Meagan weighs what she weighs. 
   What’s my point?  Refine your technique on every movement and the weight gets lighter… relatively.  Seek out proper coaching… we’ll tune you up!  It’s not just the difference of doing a workout as Rx’ed, but doing it as Rx’ed and getting a better time or in this workout’s case, more reps.
  This is what the dynamic combination
of power and technique looks like.
Dawn C&J 190lbs.

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  1. Scott S says:

    I know we have a Sunday runday at the WB park but if you have an interest in running through Landfall to familiarize yourself with the course, let me know. Chris Jones, Bridgitte and I ran a solid 8 mile loop which is completely on the course. I know this is not CFE prescribed but it does help to know the course. We are doing it again at 9 am next Sunday. Meet at the Food Lion Landfall All speeds welcome.

  2. Matt M says:

    This months issue of Performance Menue has a good article on fixing the jerk. For anyone who hasn't heard of PM its an awesome journal put out by Catalyst Athletics, well worth the $25 or so for a years subscription. They also include a few paleo recipies at the end of every journal, not to mention a great compilation of material and information through out the journal from the likes of Greg Everett and other elite coaches.

  3. t. says:

    Matt, you're all over it. Greg and Aimee's program is tip top. I've been getting The Performance Menu for a couple of years and have them all if anyone ever wants to read them.
    Greg pisses off many of the top CF HQ folks with his smarta** comments, but his mindset and training methods for making better CrossFitters by improving their Oly lifts have influenced greatly how we do things at CFW. Last year while I was away, I had a few CFers that were preparing for The CF Games follow one of Greg's strength/power cycles… um, and that was the beginning of the Dawn you know today.

  4. Justin K says:

    Looking good ladies, way to go Meagan, Keep up the good work. Soon that will be 135lb into a full clean. For those who have not completed an Oly weightlifting class It will make all the difference in the world.

  5. Liz says:

    Ahh Id love to get into the Oly Lifting class like we talked about tony.. soooo whos up for early morning classes next go around?