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The Anaerobic Endurance / CrossFit Endurance crew is coming to CFW September 25-26 for a CF Endurance Certification.
Stand by for registration info!
Caleb does "Linda"
5 rounds for time…
5 tire flips
20 kettlebell swings (16kg-M/12kg-F)
10 pull up
10 dips
20 deadlift (135lbs-M / 95-F)
20 sandbag clean
50 meter backward walking lunge
Next class begins this Saturday, 27 FEB at 12 pm.  The course is 4 weeks, two classes per week.  One on each Saturday and one each Wednesday evening at 6pm.
Cost: $150

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/22/2010

  1. KC says:

    OK for those of us that view the site and comments daily that do not live in the Wilmington area, what's the deal with the car in the drive-thru?

  2. HR- Sandra says:

    Here's a posting that may appeal to one of you or someone you know:

    · Police Officer open position to "Open Until Filled." – North Carolina State Ports Authority Available Position. JOB NUMBER: NCP00168 and Title: Police Officer. HIRING RANGE is $14.58 – $16.31 and Grade 15. The location is Wilmington.

    EXAMPLE OF DUTIES: Ensure security of port facilities, property and personnel. Patrol port area and check the security of facilities monitoring any dock/port activities. Investigate violations of State/Federal ordinances and laws to ensure compliance. Check buildings for fire and/or security alarms and for sprinkler system activation. Report any unsafe conditions to proper authorities. Control, inspect and record trucks and vehicles entering and leaving the port facility according to the Maritime Security Act requirements and the Port of Wilmington Facility Security Plan. Issue temporary passes to all visitors to the facility. Weigh inbound and outbound trucks when necessary. Maintain various logs and records that include vehicle traffic inspections for facility personnel and visitors to the port. Maintain radio communications with other officers, facility personnel and other outside agencies. Keep daily logs of weather, docking and sailing of vessels, any unusual occurrences and safety and security incidents. Perform inspections at various security checkpoint stations throughout the facility. Perform other duties as assigned.

    IDEAL EXPERIENCES/EDUCATION/SKILLS: Successful candidate must possess a valid driver’s license and be certified as Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina. Ability to obtain a TWIC credential is required. Position requires a high school diploma or equivalent. Must be physically capable of performing the duties of a law enforcement officer. Position requires shift rotation.

    HOW TO APPLY: NCSPA employees may apply at the Human Resources office in Wilmington or Morehead City. Others may apply by submitting a resume or State application (PD-107) at the Employment Security Commission, via e-mail at, or fax to 910-343-6471. To be considered for this position, all submissions must reference the above job number. FINAL DATE TO APPLY: Open Until Filled

  3. No GOOD says:

    SO I checked out crossfit comfortable’s web site…. I am posting the comment I sent to them. Why am I? Because HE wont post it on his site, I know, I’ve tried in the past ha………Your attempt to deflect your poor eating habits and strong DOUBLE Standard that you live is so so sad. Whats more sad is you control all posts on your web site so your gym members wont see you being called out for your lack of morale courage. You see, the funny thing is, I and a few others have not just seen you at McD’ds, but also wasted sitting on the ground eating pizza. As a small business owner, you’re not doing a great job at setting the example. You should also keep in mind that pictures on the CFW web site are your own doing. See if you had not continued to push and conduct yourself so unprofessionally no one would even notice you. But when you constantly call the “Crossfit COPS” and file bogus complaints, well dude, you have made this bed. but then again that is something you are use to. Here’s another news flash for you: the dozen plus members that have left Crossfit Comfortable and are now part of CFW have seen the light!!! Have a nice day… As always I welcome your reply, seeing as the last post I left, you blocked and set me a sad email… I don’t think this will make your site either….again back to my MORALE COURAGE comment…..

  4. jeremy says:

    I think it great that you actually associate a lack of "moral courage" with not following a proper diet. There is something so amazingly funny and cool about that.

  5. Drew says:

    Nerd talk (disclaimer): CFC's site does use wordpress, and there's no easy way to auto accept comments, plus wordpress sites get a ton of spam. With that said, if posts you write on their site aren't showing up, it is 100% because he reads them, dislikes them, and deletes them. Trust me, I'm a nerd and know these things. With that being said, these tire flips are with the 520lb right? Also, for all of you who missed the endurance WOD on saturday (aka all our females), you missed a good one. We got josh to run a sub 30min mile! He is improving more and more each day.

  6. t. says:

    Ronbo MB, don't be too hard on him. He's young and wasn't raised by or held to the standards we were. I posted the pic b/c it was funny and I owed him one (or two). His post for today was as equally as funny. Though too serious for the entirety and lightness of the situation. "Wow", it's not the first time he's taken from others and posted as his own. I let Melissa know that he had… and even after her sarcastic post, he still didn't give her credit or post a link to her article. I don't think he even knows he's doing wrong. Accountabilty in today's society is, sadly, almost nonexistant. Gladly, there are still men and women that expect character from their associates and tolerate it no less.

  7. Josh says:

    Alright everybody. So far JJ and myself are the only two to sign up for our Relay for Life team. I know its still early but April 23rd will be here quick! The American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life is an overnight event that raises cancer awareness and funds for research, education, advocacy, and patient service programs. Last year we had over 30 team members and raised over $6000. Lets double both of those numbers this year!

  8. David M. Cooley says:

    Today was my first WOD as painful as it was I truely enjoyed it! Thanks to Julie and the gang for keeping me motivated. I think I will be around for awhile. About the workout HELL but it was fun.

  9. Crossfi-n-tegrity says:

    Man, the boy’s post isn’t funny. It reminds me of Tiger Woods’ apology! All excuses, no substance. Spineless even. The thing is, I know he’s just using it to tell his members t. is an a**hole. He’s always said t. and CFW’s trainers are mean and the “waggin finger” comment is no doubt a slight comment in that way. That’s what he’s always done. Of course he doens’t have the maness to say the stuff he doesn about him to his face. Even his passive aggressiveness isn’t aggresive. I like t.’s sentence “if you’re going to be dishonest, don’t lie about it”. Now that’s funny!