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WOD:  CrossFit Total

In three attempts per exercise, find your max for each.

Shoulder Press
Your total is the sum of the heaviest weight moved in three attempts of each lift.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/2/2009

  1. peter says:

    CF-Total-8/4/08–Deadlift=315,shoulder press=145-back squat=255—CF–Total-9/2/09–Backsquat=315, shoulder press=175, deadlift=325. Could've done more on the deadlift but ran completely out of juice. Great job to Walt this morning and good looking out from DC.

  2. t. says:

    Rock on Pete, big improvements!! 1005 total. 385 bs, 215 sp, 405 dl. I'm still not back to pre-Mono wieghts and I was pressed for time. I did the whole thing in 40 minutes. Post up! I wanna know your weights and your improvements.

  3. clint says:

    385 back squat, 185 shoulder press, 405 dead lift. Ran with Ilario at Wrightsville beach yesterday, Felt great no twinges in the back, felt like could have added 10% to squats and deadlifts. Good day!

  4. Gene B. says:

    I'll try that wed. morning when I go in, since I dont have a clue what my max is,guess I need to find out

  5. Em says:

    BS-205 (up 10lbs),SP-95(1st time I recorded this one), DL 275 (same). Thanks Julie, Darren, Mere, Dawn, Megan and anyone else that was encouraging me…hopefully, I'll continue to see some improvement. 😉

  6. thomas says:

    BS-335,SP-195,DL-475*pr,Total-1005. Loved this wod, first time i got over 1000. Thanks for pushing me to get my DL Mike,charlie,josh,julie.

  7. Kate says:

    BS-155,SP-75,DL-170, TOTAL=400. Thanks for the help Clair&Julie! (first time maxing out on all 3)
    Tony-was wearing my nike shocks to start…almost got 155 and had to take a step on BS…Clair told me to take my running shoes off & try again and i got it.. thought you'd like to hear that 🙂