SF in Afghanistan. 


5 rounds for time of…

  • 30 Air Squats
  • 1 rope climb

Also as a reminder our Olympic / Power Lifting

Classes are starting this Sat. at 10 a.m

Classes are limited  to 8 participants so sign up now.

This Sat. will be the "Clean"



 Saturday, March 8th
12:00 noon – until   
This is a fun meet for everyone to see how much weight they can push/pull. It’s a $10.00 entry fee and the “best lifter” takes all!
The lifts are the Squat, the Bench Press, and the Dead Lift and will be judged with American Powerlifting Federation rules…   with one exception. No belts, straps or wraps allowed.   It’s come as you are.
Best lifter means your body weight is taken into account.  In other words, a lighter competitor that moves more total weight in relation to his/her body weight takes the win. Therefore, smaller athletes and ladies have the same opportunity to win as the big guys!
And, you don’t have to be a member of CF Wilmington to compete. 
We’ll have the grill fired up afterwards and a couple of coolers of beverages. So even if you don’t compete, it’s worth coming by and watching it all go down.