Full ROM push ups with a weightvest… Will has well defined goals and works exceptionally hard to achieve them.
20 knees to elbows
20 toes to bars
No time component on these.  This is an opportunity to learn to actually touch your knees to your elbow and your toes to the bars.  We understand some of you are beginers and these moves are still difficult so you need to scale them.  But it’s you intermediate and advanced members that simply choose to not do them correctly in sake of a better time…  that, in turn, does not count to anyone but yourself.  Today you can take the time to do them correctly and take all day to do so, if you need.  Yes, this is a foot in some of your arses!  You need it.
6 rounds of…
50m sprint – max effort
1 minute of rest
50 ghd sit ups
Next class starts Saturday 27 February
Sign up sheet at front desk

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  1. Crossfitter in the crowd says:

    We cheat on form often, fail to complete a WOD as RX'd weekly, drink beer, eat cheese and bread, and wear running shoes during Olympic and Power lifts. There's a funny thing about the SOB's that don't meet their potential, we have a choice in the matter. We show up, sweat and struggle and yes our weights and times are not as high in the former and low in the latter as they could be, but for Gods sake we get cheese and beer out of the deal.

  2. taylor says:

    OK, new dog add: Best Border Collie in the world, needs home. He is smarter than most third graders. Likes being the only dog in the house and preffers not to be tempted with yummy kitties. Fletcher is a frisbee champ. He needs a home because my sister has two little kidds and does not think, as wonderful as he is, that Fletcher should be with little ones. If anyone is interested, please let me know. He really is the best dog in the world, I wish I could take him (bakery rules).He's ten years old. Have a wonderful day CFW peeps! Im going in today to make up Tuesdays one bar workout. How much pain am I in for?! Wait, maybe I don't even want to know ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Michelangelo says:

    โ€œThe greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.โ€

  4. Sensei says:

    I do my best, as I am sure most people do. Especially at our gym. To be an inspiration, to both myself and others. Something that my parents always told me growing up: "keep your eyes and ears open for that which you are aspiring for, when you are ready, the teacher, training, capacity for that which you desire will come into your life". I always dreamed of being a Martialist, I would watch movies and instructional videos and play king of the mountain with my friends just learning how to manipulate "multiple attackers" and bodies. This was my child hood. I did not have the money to train at the big name schools in town, But I was also skeptical of those arts possibly being the ones that are looking out for their pocket books before the well being and furthering of their students training and growth. Then one day, my friend meets a woman who would be my first instructor and mentor in Shoshin. It happened just as my parents said. The system that I now teach and am a substantial part of, found me. Not the other way around. "when you are ready, the teacher / capacity will appear". My confidence in my life along this philosophy was set. I haven't worried since whether a resolution to a issue would present itself just as it needs to be. Now, fast forward to my life here in Wilmington. I've been training for 12 years in Shoshin, I've just started a class and have a good few students. My physical abilities are not exactly where I would like them to be, so during a casual conversation with my brother he mentions "crossfit". I am immediately impressed by it's methods and the pain I feel while doing it, But training in the park every so often is not my perfect scenario. "Don't worry Aaron, when the time is right, the way will find you". 2 months later while training in the loft at "climb on" I hear a loud Aussie accent exclaiming to the owners, how the new Crossfit gym and trainers in town yelled and encouraged her to finish an insane amount of squats. Like the clouds just opened and the hands of the CFW Gods reached down and said: "Ask, and ye shall receive, Seek and ye Shall find". BAM! CrossFit Wilmington! Now it's almost exactly two years later. CFW and it's trainers, my relationships with "the students of life" within our box walls and all the gallons of sweat have brought me to a new realization in my personal goals; "It's time to focus on Shoshin, and become more than I ever dreamed possible". My focus has changed from lifting more weight and performing 6 Wods a week, to performing 3-4 a week in a more endurance platform while intensifying my Martialist training. Something that happens to everyone, happened to me, and it was eye opening. I came to the gym and began a WoD with Dan, my good friend and awesome Shoshin student. While performing the push ups I subconsciously was "half assing" them. My inner thoughts were: "I'm not focusing on CF at this point in my journey so why perform the push up %100?". This is an error in judgment and practice. Shortly after the Wod Tony pulls me aside and asks me "what the hell where those push ups bro?". Then, again, in a flash. I realize what I had done, I had short changed not only myself, but the people that I endeavor to inspire. You all know me, you know that I do not say this from a place of "EGO" but from a place of realization and learning. I do my best to inspire myself, and those around me and one of my mentors just nailed me to the wall for performing much less! For the most part, we may not realize the small/short/almost intangible times that change our lives. This conversation with Tony, whether he knew it or not. Changed my outlook, and opened my eyes to a whole new thing. Did he know this at the time? probably not. The reason I say this, is that I've been told this before MANY TIMES, but for some reason or another I did not have the capacity to actually hear it and make a change. I see this many times in Shoshin. I teach or are taught a technique and may not grasp the true ability or "way it works best" for YEARS. Then, one day. in the face like a huge slap. You see. You see. And from that point on, you realize the lesson. So, after all of this. What can we all do as "BAD ASS CFW HUMANS" to make our techniques both in and out of the gym REALLY COUNT. REALLY MATTER. Step back, and watch the beauty that is your life and the potential for all of your desires will present themselves. Again, THANK YOU !

  5. No GOOD says:

    HELL YES TONY!!!! I have been saying this for a LLOONNGG time!!! Dont get sucked into the board QUALITY not QUANTITY!!! it will make you better to fail it will make you stronger to get beat it will make you a better person to receive adversity and turn the negative into a positive!!! Tony's post is nothing we all havent heard before. From time to time we need to be remind that we are all held accountable for our actions! Incase you all have forgot we CROSSFIT WILMINGTON have a AMAZING Rep in the CF WORLD. How do we keep it….SLow down do full lifts take a day or a week to perfect something that you suck at! I love it and I love the in your face approach we have in our BOX. Maybe Im a GYM SNOB or maybe or maybe I beleive in this BOX, or maybe I just dont have a filter and love to rock the boat. Either way, dont be afraid to to walk down the hall that has no lights…. have a great day!!!!

  6. t. says:

    "CFer in the Crowd", the fact you made the choice to train here puts you in bracket above most. And for that, I applaud you. But on the contrary, you acceptance and comfort with your admitted mediocre performances saddens me. Myself and my staff work very hard to give you highest quality of training in an atmosphere that supports and builds confidence, physical and mental, in many that need it. But more importantly, in those that WANT it. Those are who I wrote the post to, not you. Those folks read the post and it thought "he's right, I do need to work on doing each rep correctly." Or "heck yeah, I'm going to take today's opportunity to learn the K2Es and T2Bs." You read it, and instead of taking as the motivation it is (yes, not all coaching comes in the feel good form of hot cocoa and warm brownies), you made more excuses for yourself. Here's another foot for ya: earn your beer and cheese!

  7. CFer in the crowd says:

    t. Opposition is a natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity. You and your staff do work hard and are the champions of our progress and successes. Just because lifting with perfect form and eating good whole foods may result in rapid fat loss, major health improvements, and extremely impressive physical attributes does not mean my counterproductive contentedness runs in glaring contrast to the efforts of your champion staff. Surely you dish the harsh deserved check of reality with a sledge hammer. Reluctantly, Iโ€™ll have a few less beers and touch my damn knees to my elbows and feet to the bar. Well done.

  8. drew says:

    well said sensei and t. As far as being coachable, this is one of the things I actually really love about CFW. Yesterday I could have dropped the weight like some people (cough cough Mr. Faulk), but instead decided to do it RX'd and prove to myself, once again, that a majority of the things I think of as being heavy are merely mental obstacles. On the dead-lifts, on my set of 15, Josh was watching me and my pretty horrible form. He made a minor correction while I did a rep, and it definitely helped me through the rest of the WOD. CFW is definitely not the place to be if you want to be coddled or think you know everything, and that's exactly why I think it has attracted the staff and membership it has.

  9. t. says:

    CFer in the Crowd, it seems as though you’ve had your coffee and are in a better mood. Good stuff! Aaron, my brother, you always have good words. I watched you do the pushups the other day and even made a few light jokes, along with Cam, while you were doing them. You did not respond. I knew you would respond with one on one chat though. A rational chat asking simply “why are not doing what you and I both know you are capable?” That is all I ever ask of anyone. Just do what you are capable.
    I’ll leave this with a post from CrossFit Nation: “ARE YOU COACHABLE?”

  10. Dan says:

    Who knew a 100 push -up could be life changing. Damn the power of Crossfit!!!!! Nice read Sensei. And Ron I believe that would qualify for a Sunday post….

  11. Lindsay says:

    Just a lil FYI for tony and josh… I still haven't received an email back from last nights questions to my PE professor.. ๐Ÿ™‚ google must not be answering my questions..

  12. peter says:

    Wait… cheese has low to no carbs and fat in it. why is it bad???? who's to say cavemen weren't making cheese from cows back in the day,

  13. ChrisJ says:

    RNG, I'm committed fully…except for the several screwdrivers on a weekend! HA! So, I supppose I'll be 99.98% committed to keep my sanity!

  14. No GOOD says:

    Chris J , if you want results like you have never had before then you have to make a sacrifice. You can live PALEO and still have a good time. My advise is go over the top strict for the first 2 months. Then you will learn how to cheat and what your body will allow you to have. But if partying is more important to you than committing to being a better athlete and preforming at the top of your game then you you really are not ready and willing as you think you are. I can give you the low down on what worked for me and it was easy! I'm here to help. Remember if you want more you have to do more!!!

  15. chrisJ says:

    NEED HELP/GUIDANCE, CFWers: I've developed a true LOVE for CFWilmington and all you people! So, task one tackled and I've made huge strides. Now I need PALEO help, especiaaly with the WB marathon and summer rolling in soon. (one caveat, I'm not giving up my beloved weekend or party screwdrivers!) So, where do I turn for the best Paleo advice to get started tomorrow? I'm ready and willing! Thanks in advance. -chrisJ

  16. No GOOD says:

    Ok sorry for being so hard, im in the zone today. If its the vodka I suggest you switch to soda water, no sugar in that. A vanilla vodka with soda water and a slice of orange is something even James Bond would drink. Knock out the OJ. I will look for the email I sent out before on what I ate when I started. I have a few peps to get it to.

  17. ChrisJ says:

    Oh and for what it's worth…just a social screwdriver drinker, RNG. No hard partying. I'm too old for that!

  18. maria says:

    Tony, or other available trainer…Trying to plan my schedule tomorrow and see if I can squeeze the wod in…(Cop husband is out of town again)is that just one tabata round per exercise? (3 minutes total work)

  19. ju says:

    Freddy, we miss you soooo much. More Darlene, Princess, and Dylan than you. JK JK JK!! Maria it will be one exercise per round. Let me know if I can help you with anything. For the rest of you… I really do love you. You all make everything worth while.