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  Guy, post shoulder surgery and still training…  intelligently.
There are ways to train around almost all injuries.  Check out CrossFit CDA owner, Derek (aka, HutchBag), doing KB swings with one knee on a plyo box.  Look closely and you’re notice the cast on his left foot.
It’s hard to tell all five metatarsals are broken.
WOD:  For time… 
If you are planning on coming in this evening.  Please wear bright colored and/or reflective clothing.  We want to keep everyone safe.
Run 1 mile stopping every minute to complete 5 burpees

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/18/2009

  1. Tracy says:

    Good Morning! Where was the am crew?? I wanted to train with you…sally from cracker barrel called and said you were late getting to your private table in the corner!!
    Maria! Always good to see you…rocking it out as always! Nice seeing new faces too! Enjoyed this workout! Wearing my CFW shirt to school today! Love it! Proud to be a part of something so good with people that inspire me to be better!!

  2. DC says:

    Tracy you still have the best time out of the 5 people who have been to the gym and they are guys.. way to go.. Where is everyone???

  3. Chris says:

    Hey Tracy, today was my day off, and I was not at Cracker Barrel. But the next time we go I will call you. I will be there in the morning, hope to see you then.

  4. clair says:

    Darren,my guess would be,everyone seen that todays wod involves running &and its cold and rainy this morning,so let me know what time your doing it and we can endure torture together!!!

  5. Kate says:

    I don't think its scared of the rain or running but the COMBO…which most mommys would tell you its a good way to catch a cold 😉
    but i'll be there tonight do yesterdays!(are there any classes i need to work around?)

  6. DC says:

    I wasn't going to due to doing performance menu but since you calling me on it i'm off at 10 and we can knock it out at 2. And it's sad that everyone is scared or the rain and running but yet we shower all the time..

  7. Taylor says:

    …and yet we shower all the time, Darren?! Sort of a pep talk. I'll be there in a few, me and my rubber ducky. We're going to get it done. Good job Tracy, this is you kind of WOD! Burpees & running, you're a machine!

  8. JJ says:

    Sunday FunDay….Meet at Front Street Brewery @ 11:30 for food and fun followed by watching CFW's own Don "The Dream" O. in a basketball game at the Schwartz Center to support a good cause!!!!

  9. Don O says:

    It is with great sorrow to say that a fine young Police Officer was killed last night. Due to this tragic event and circumstances surrounding this incident the charity basketball game has been postponed. To all who supported the Police Dept please hold on to your tickets until the game can be rescheduled.I ask you to keep the young man and his family in your prayers (hankb you…..don O

  10. Shawn K says:

    Unfortunately, I've been at work at 6am for the last two mornings. I'm hoping to get back in the gym Thurs and Fri.