Some of Team CFW that are preparing
for the regional qualifier for the CrossFit Games
Just a reminder…. For today’s WOD, classes have priority over open gym.  Classes begin promptly tonight at 4:00, 5:30, and 7:00.

WOD: 10 rounds for time…

  • 2 Front Squat (225lb / 135lbs)
  • 5 weighted pull up (35lbs / 15lbs)
  • 10 push press (95lbs / 65lbs)

0 thoughts on “Posted: 2/17/2009

  1. Justin M says:

    Every now and then I check back here. I don't see Zach, Shawn, Matt, Casey, Tony or Julie in this. Are you all preppin too? And dude Darren you look like you dropped about 20lbs of fat. And you look so serious in this picture haha.

  2. DC says:

    HAHAHA just but yes I have also been losing weight, And this was only a few people who are going there is alot more.. thats why it says "SOME".. how you been? you doing it? or are you still not a crossfitter?

  3. Jennings says:

    what's up? hope everyone is doing well. I finished basic just fine and am now in my dorm getting ready to start my indoc course next Monday should be a tough and grueling course but that's what is expected. Just wanted to tell everyone hello and thanks, talk to u soon. J

  4. peter says:

    Good to hear from you Jennings! Good luck on your indoc course. Good work out today, Front squats aren't so easy when your breathing hard from pull ups and push press. By the way Taken was a good movie…

  5. ilario says:

    Congrats man! Chanelle has been giving us updates and we are all stoked to hear from you. Keep pushing, and use this down time to get back in shape!

  6. Aaron says:

    JENNINGS!!! Chris and Roger are still in my class! They are loving it and we are working on their ninja status! Keep it up brother!

  7. julie says:

    Hi Justin, I hope all is well for you. No, I won't be in the games this year, but I am shooting for next year.

    Way to go Jennings!!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Thanks DC ..figured as much…we just ran out of time to do the WOD in the AM….more motivation to get in on the 1st round at 6am

  9. Raja says:

    How long is each class? From the class schedule, it looks like open gym is closed tonight, is this the case?

  10. DC says:

    Guys open gym comes second to people who are paying for classes. So if there are a bunch of people who are here for class you gotta wait. and as it looks 5:30 is going to just classes. And jennings bro congrats and rest up your going to need it. JJ your so right..

  11. Kansas says:

    So, I almost have convinced my husband to join or atleast come check out what crossfit is all about! If anyone has anything to say that could help me push him a little harder to join that would be great! We might me coming in tonight around 7, so please anyone who is there tonight…tell him how great it truly is! Thanks a million my wonderful and awesome new fam! And congrats Jennings and good luck to you!

  12. Josh says:

    Look for the class to go about 45min- hour. right now we have three people set to do the class at 5:30. We are only running four people at a time. show up around 6 to warm up and you should be good. we do have a 7 pm class togight also for you night owl's

  13. Em says:

    Thanks to the guys tonight for pushing me through the WOD, Aaron (aka Sensei), Andrew, Darren, Jon…hope I didn't forget anyone…thanks!!