Happy Valentine’s Day!
Olympic Weightlifting
An aggressive application of force to the barbell! 
Maria pulling herself under the bar  Walt begins the 3rd pull
Angela at full extension
Walt – new Snatch PR

Maria C&J 145lbs 

John C&J PR – 240lbs

    Thank you to the participants of the weightlifting course.  Your enthusiasm and commitment made you very successful and a pleasure to train.  Now go back to the CF program and apply your new skills and technique.  The CF weights should seem light!  -t.

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  1. ilario says:

    Happy Valentine's day CFW family! And Congrats to the Oly-crew! I miss you all so much with the hours being so crazy. I've been trying to maintain, but I'm backsliding so bad, soon Darren is gonna be whooping me on the Met-cons!! Seriously, I'm so proud of my brother and sister athletes, and for those of you considering going to the CrossFit regional qualifier, I say go. Please go! Even if you think you will get smoked, it will be an experience you will treasure for the rest of your life. I wish dearly that I could be there with you all this year, but I have a debate, a competition of my own, to attend to that day. Suffice it to say, I've rationalized all the ways that I ought to skip it, but I need to be there. So for all of you that are going or more importantly, for those that have not committed and are thinking about it… Consider this: EVERY single person that went last year had the time of their lives, and EVERY single athlete that competed was certain they would return, even before the event was over! Yes, It really was that emotional, energizing and fun. it was a fitness-palooza. So if you are on the fence, go get'em!! 2010 Baby!

  2. Drew says:

    I love how CFW has impromptu parties at random places with no planning. Was great seeing you all last night. Happy valentines day everyone (or singles awareness for the rest of us). And Ilario, I have a feeling the competition you're walking into will be much more fierce and necessary than the regionals.

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to give a heads up to those that are interested. I'll be graduating from the Highway Patrol's 126th Basic School on February 25th. The ceremony is being held at 10am in Cary. If anybody is interested in checking it out, feel free to come on out. Would love to see some of my CFW family out there. If you'd like directions, you can hit up Tony or shoot me an email at

  4. Em says:

    lol…very true Drew! It was great seeing so many CFW people out last night! Cam, thanks for keeping me out of trouble 😉 Hope everyone has a great Valentine's Day and/or Singles Awareness Day!