More sleep = better performance?

     Running shoes…   I’ve actually considered banning them in CFW, except on days with running in the WODs.  And that would be for distances longer than 800m. 
     I discourage running shoes for CrossFit and weightlifting because they are designed with copius amounts of cushion.  The cushion is intended to absorb and disperse energy transfered to the foot (on most, the heel) upon impact with the ground.     
      Absorbtion and dispersion of energy equals energy lost.   If we are going for a max push press, we want every bit of energy focused vertically and transfered to the bar in our in our effort to overhead the most weight possible.  Or, if the Rx’d WOD is FGB, each rep should be efficient as possible.  If there’s energy being lost on every rep through the cushioning in our shoes, it adds up over the course of the WOD.  Does it matter?  What if it’s the difference is you scoring a 296 vs. your first 300?  Yeah… I thought so.
     But my greatest concern is injury.  Running, not of the survival, "run for your life" type, but the standard conditioning type, is linear and is without lateral movement.  In other words, there is no "Zigging" or Zagging" involved. 
     And so the typical running shoe offers minimal or no lateral support.  In most cases, a running shoe increases the lateral instability of the ankle.  Instability can cause or lead to injury.  That’s why football players tape their ankles and do not wear running shoes.
     For CrossFit, basic Oly and Power lifting, I recommend a less cushioned soled shoe.  Driving and wrestling shoes are ok, but are soft, tend to stretch easily, and offer very little protection.  Some flats are good.  And some crosstrainers and trail shoes are good.  Converse All Stars are a good fit and they’re affordable.  Below are links to a few shoes I’ve trained in and/or suggest. 

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  1. cody d says:

    Just playin around on the web readin through some of the posted articles and i came across an article and i quote from the article…"Email me anytime and we'll do th WOD together and see how we compare to the Crossfit Wilmington fire breathers…." haha, we are a tier above apparently and have parallels to mythical creatures! CFW is raising the bar for all CF gyms and its noticed. I like t's quote, "if you want more, you have to do more" WE ARE DOING MORE and i love it! i joined a month ago and it has been the start of a lifetime journey towards elite fitness and explosiveness and a more healthy lifestyle. thanks for all you guys do and all of the time you put in at CFW. i'm glad i joined the CFW family…love u guys! lets get it.

  2. DC says:

    I love it whats the link for that… A hope others are going to ready for us… Cause CFW is going to the Games….

  3. Amy says:

    I was looking at the shoe links above and I agree with tony. I got a pair of pumas (similiar to the one's in the 1st link) at lady foot locker. i love them and i have definitly noticed a difference while working out compared to my tennis shoes. definitly go to a shoe store and try them on

  4. Tracy says:

    Ilario,JJ and Clint nice work with running today! Thanks for the push fellas! Cody nice to meet you. Glad your enjoying CFW…doesn't get any better then this!! Jill and Ilario way to spin it out today!