Carol Ann Cowden

On Thursday morning, 7 FEB, the world lost a great woman, mother, sister, daughter and wife.   Carol passed after her almost 5 year bout w/ Cancer.  This photo, taken only a few weeks ago, shows her spirit and beauty even in the midst of her fight.  The odds were never on her side, yet she never quit, never gave up or gave in.  And in her last days, her only concerns we’re for her husband and loved ones.

Travel well Dear.  We’ll miss you.   

So, in honor of my stepmother, today’s WOD is CF Wilmington’s named WOD…    


2 rounds of…   1 minute of each, for score (1 rep = 1 point).

  • sumo dead lift high pull (95lbs / 65lbs)
  • push ups
  • sledge hammer swings
  • pull ups
  • GHD sit ups
  • Row for distance (1 meter = 1 point)
  • kettlebell/dumbbell swing (m-35lbs / f-25lbs)
  • push press
  • flutter kicks
  • wall ball  (m – 14lbs / f – 10lbs)
  • Rest 2 minutes