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Happy New Year CFW!
2012 was great.  The gym as a whole had so many great improvements in the last year.  Each of you set and achieved so many goals.  I can only anticipate 2013 being even better!!

I say that with such a positive outlook because we are already taking steps to improve our services, facility, and equipment.  The move to the new space has made any growth we need or want possible.  In the next couple of weeks we are adding a new squat rack / pull up bar system.  It’s going to be a nice one!  We are planning on putting indoor turf in too.  It will run from the WSC side all the way to the back of CFW.  With it comes indoor sprints and sled work.  I’m personally looking forward to that one greatly!  We are also going to build an obstacle course out back and along the south side of the building.  It’s not going to be as elaborate as the Navy’s at Coronado or SF’s “Nasty” at Camp MacKall, but it will be challenging and fun.

We are also putting a lot of effort into the Weightlifting program.  Walt N. has stepped up to take the lead spot on the team.  There will be more to follow, but basically we are going to be running a separate Olympic Weightlifting Program for those that want to lift competitively.  There are quite a few that are already aggressively training for the US Masters Nationals on March 7-8th.
In conjunction with that, we running our next Oly course beginning January 14th.  Again, stand by for more details.  We’ll have all the details posted in the coming days.

Last year we said good bye to a few of CFW’s instructors.  Tanner, Aaron, Abby, and Sara moved on to other ventures and opportunities .  We miss them and all they offered as instructors.  Yet on the flip slide, we have 7 new trainers coming to the staff in the next month.  If you’ve not already, you will meet Johanna, Heidi, and Danny in the coming weeks.  They both recently came to CFW and are already CrossFit certified.  You will also be introduced (reintroduced most likely) to Marcie, Jonathan, Jana, Melissa, and Anthony.  They will be interning until 26-27 January when they all attend the CrossFit Cert we are hosting that weekend.  Obviously, each of those eight new instructors bring an extremely high level of experience to our staff.  We are very happy to welcome them and have them teach you all they know.

So that’s what we have planned in the gym’s near future.  As always we promise to offer the best training in a professional, supportive atmosphere.  CFW is well known as Wilmington’s and the region’s  best.  Yet we assure you we will not rest on reputation and past performance of our first five years, but continue to raise bar and bolster the standards we have set.

So each year we invite you to share with everyone your goal(s) by posting them in the comments.  This year we urge you to be specific and even give a brief on how you intend to achieve your goal(s).  When we are specific about our goals and actually create a viable plan to achieve them, we are more likely to be successful.  An example:  Instead of “I want to lose some body fat.” it is likely you’ll stick to a goal when it lined out like “I am going to lean out to 10% body fat by March by cutting out extra calories from starchy carbs and eating clean foods devoid of chemicals.”  For a better way of outlining and achieving goals read “Get SMART About Your Goals”, an article we posted not long after New Year’s 2012.

No matter your goals, we hope you and your family find the best things of your lives in 2013.  CFW will be here to make sure you find the best fitness.


Our last class of 2012! Good job to all who knocked out the “2013” workout.

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Specials

  1. Meagan says:

    Erin, glad to see you are feeling better and able to workout. I am sure you smoked Don 🙂

    Nice work to everyone who completed the 2013 WOD!!!!

  2. josh says:

    Happy New Year Everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the Holiday season and are ready to get back and hit it hard in 2013!

  3. Amanda W says:

    I strongly encourage everyone to set goals. Just showing up to the gym with the attitude “I want to drop a few pounds” or “I want to add muscle” is not enough. Don’t forget to remind yourself of your goals as the year progresses. Set it up as a weekly reminder in your email. Or put your numbers on a piece of masking tape inside your shoe, forcing you to look at it everytime you strap up to hit the gym. And TELL SOMEONE – a trainer, a training partner, a spouse, on this website – wherever. Hold yourself accountable. Find a trainer that you can relate to and ask for the extra push or advice on how to get there.

    Suprise yourself in 2013. I certainly aim to!

  4. David says:

    Amanda said it well. Also, starting out can be tough, but once you get the ball rolling and go through the motions for a bit, getting in the gym and training soon become an irreplaceable habit. Looking forward to training hard in this new year!

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