Location 3.0 Grand Opening / CFW 5 Years / Team Challenge Finale Workout and Cookout

Come join us this Saturday from 10am until 2pm to celebrate the grand opening of CrossFit Wilmington’s new facility (3.0), the holidays, and the gym’s 5 year Anniversary. The tight race for the team competition winner will come to an end with a final workout. Following the WOD will be a cookout. Please bring family and friends!




Last night Teams 4 and 9 went head to head in two call out challenges. Team 9 took the Deadlift Challenge and Team 4 took the Amanda Challenge resulting in a tie between the two teams. In the Deadlift Challenge both Meagan and Jordan A. hit PR’s of 245lbs and 255lbs respectively.


Team Competition WOD #13: Captain’s Choice

Team Captains choose who can best represent their Team for each component.  Submit the name, event, and time for scoring.

  • 3 Mile Run
  • 7 minute AMRAP of Get up/ Get Down with sandbags (60/40)
  • Benchpress (205lbs/120lbs) As many reps as possible in 2 minutes.
  • For time:  20 Snatch (185lbs/120lbs)

– If WODs #3 or #4 are scaled down in weight, the reps are increased x 1 per lbs the load is decreased.
— No scaling for Event #1 or #2.

If you are not participating in the Team Challenge today, choose two exercises you need to work on and complete them

20 thoughts on “Team Challenge #13: Captains Choice

  1. Shawn K says:

    Team 3 (BAC): who’s doing what? I workout at 6am. I would personally do best at the bench, but can attempt the snatch although I will likely scale due to being tremendously out of practice and not wanting to injure myself for Christmas

  2. Albert Steed says:

    #3 can’t be scaled either. Way to go Jordan, Meagan and Chrissy!

    Team 1 is.
    Snatches – Heidi
    Run – Scott
    Bench – Albert
    Sandbag – Sara

  3. emily m says:

    team 3/shawn: I haven’t heard anything from our other team 3 cohorts. I’m willing to do anything except run, but I would have to scale the snatch.

  4. t. says:

    Um, fellas… these ladies are about to pull more from the floor than us. Meagan’s pull is almost 2.25 times her body weight. In addition to Jordan’s and Meagan’s work, Chrissy and Jana also hit big lifts. Not sure about Jana’s final numbers, but Chrissy hit 300lbs. Congrats ladies.

    Not to leave him out, Thomas pulled 585 tonight.

  5. Debb says:

    Team 3 please let me know what we do not have covered, it seems as though we are captainless, Josh do you know something we don’t? Our communication has alot to be desired.

  6. Amanda W says:

    Whoa those are some impressive lifts! 300lbs?! Chrissy, you rank among the few who have pulled that off the floor. Awesome work! I love that teams are taking advantage of the challenge….Team 2, I think we should challenge any other team to a weigh in, preceded by protein flip clup…lol

  7. Meagan says:

    Last night was a lot of fun. The energy was great. Thanks Jana for pushing me girl and Jordan for setting the bar for me :-). Nice work last night to both teams. Both workouts were challenging. Rob A…awesome job on those muscle ups. Dave…it is so much fun to watch you lift. You are so strong! Can’t wait to see what Saturday has in store for us :-). Get some team 4!!!!

  8. Sara Clark says:

    All the teams have selected (or had selected for them) their competitors. Cut-off was last night. Check the sheet if you dont know what you are supposed to do!

    Have fun guy! Morning crew did a great job on these!

  9. Candace says:

    First and foremost, great job Team 9- mis compadres. I trust our captian chose wisely for tonight’s WOD, and I know those of you participating will not disappoint. Team 4, I guess y’all did OK, too 🙂 Great job, everyone. See you Saturday!

  10. taylor says:

    Team 3: I do not have anyones phone numbers, but I am pretty sure everyone has been contacted about what event they are doing. Sorru Shawn, you got the snatches. You are just WAY to strong to pass that one up 🙂 The soccer player…he has the run. Matt has the sandbags, and I have the bench press. I think that covers everything. Good luck everybody !!

  11. Albert Steed says:

    Shawn cried many tears this morning while doing the snatches. The bench was calling out to him and singing a sweet song and he had to ignore her. He may never fully emotionally recover after this Taylor.

  12. Sara C says:

    For anyone interested/the Morning Crew: Albert and I decided on the following as a farewell to the mornings (I’ll be in Thurs and Fri, but this is an excuse to eat. I leave town 12/21)

    Next Wednesday 12/19:
    Sand Sprints at the Oceanic pier at 5:50am (weather permitting)
    Breakfast at Causeway Cafe at 6:30am (bring cash)

  13. DC says:

    Team 5 Sorry I was MIA on you.. I’m headed to the gym now to do whatever is left.. Dylan Killed the run for us.. how has everyone else done??

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