Josh shows us how not to climb down the rope.

 Tabata – 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.
  • push press (115lbs-m / 75lbs-f) *use racks
  • rest exactly three minutes
  • sumo deadlift high pull (115lbs/75lbs)

Tally total number of reps.  Post total.

0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/9/2009

  1. Tracy says:

    Dan!Did the CF endurance 10 sec on 20 sec off all out swim for 16 rounds! It was really good and motivating to try to see how long I could go without taking a breath. Im gonna follow CF endurance to train for my tri's! Im excited!! Can't wait for todays WOD!

  2. Ilario says:

    Hey team, This Sunday Will and I are going to do a “Murph meets Cindy” at Wrightsville Beach park. Starting at the Pull-up bars at 12 noon (sharp) we will do 10 mins worth of “Cindy”+Run the loop(2.5mi) +10 mins of “Cindy” and finish running the loop. All are welcome (but weather won’t be great).

  3. Sensei says:

    Ilario…..go to hell….LOL JUST KIDDING BROTHER!! Todays WoD is awesome! I loooove me some Tabata. I am thinking tomorrow will be a rest day, however tempting Ilarios offer is. 😉

  4. Ilario says:

    *REVISED TIME 11am (sharp) on Sunday. And, alas, my precious Sensei: Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow…because “Murph meets Cindy” is on SUNDAY! No pressure bro…Will and I just wanted to put it out there on what is a traditional off day in case anyone was looking for a fix. No worries-there will be more. Enjoy your weekend!