Eat Nuts For Better Body Composition and Optimal Health

Eat nuts for better body composition and optimal health. A new review in the journal Nutrition shows that people who eat nuts regularly are less likely to be overweight, and they have less chance of gaining fat over time.

There are many misperceptions about nuts and the confusion about the fat content in nuts appears to be similar to the many of the myths that plague the fitness industry—people don’t get it, even when they are told repeatedly how to lose weight and be healthier. Let’s review what the evidence reveals about nuts.

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” Today I was able to Front Squat for a heavy triple what I deadlifted when I first started [at CrossFit Wilmington].” – Sara B. Month 3 at CrossFit Wilmington
4 rounds…
3 Bench Press (2,0,X,0)
3 DB Row (2,0,X,0)
Rest 2 minutes*Use approx 70% of your 1 rep max for these sets.  The “X” is for EXPLOSIVE SPEED… move the weight as fast as you can!!  If your max is 300lbs, then you should be using 210lbs but moving it with the same force you would move 300lbs!

4 rounds…
3 Bench Press (3,0,3,0)
3 Chin Up (3,0,3,0)
Rest 1 minute

3 rounds for time…
10reps-M, 5reps-F  Shoulder to Overhead (any type of press or jerk) with ballistic blocks (88lbs)
Sprint with B-block (to fence and back)


8 thoughts on “Press and Pull – Antagonists Super-Setted

  1. Sara Bacon says:

    Thanks, loving this picture, feels great to be getting stronger! So thankful I get to workout with such a great group of people and awesome instructors!

  2. t. says:

    Congratulations Sara.
    The successes and improvements you all make each day add up. I watch and witness so increases in strength, mobility, and fitness and it makes me proud of you and what we are doing here. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

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