Joro Yoga offering new Thursday morning class!
Esteemed Yoga Teacher and CFW member, Heather, is now offering a yoga class at 10:15 on the Thursday at Joro.
If you’ve not tried Yoga yet, your first class at Joro is no cost.  Yoga offers a balance to our strength and metabolic conditioning work.


Peri Workout Nutrition – Part 1
by Frederick Duncan / from Elite FTS
Depending on who you ask or what you’ve read, you may have different views on what’s necessary or most efficient in terms of peri-workout nutrition. When I first started training, I remember being told that “chocolate milk is great post-workout” or “you need fast acting carbohydrates as soon as your lift is over.” (Both statements do, in fact, have some merit). I experimented with literally everything, no matter how dumb it was. At one point, I was drinking a gallon of whole milk a day (see how dumb?). I still don’t think that there is one specific, magical peri-workout nutritional regimen that makes you huge and ripped at the same time… although I’m still experimenting. However, there is a fair amount of research out there about this topic, and there are also a lot of myths. So, let’s explore.
Read entire article <here>.

Lauren L. Deadlifting during yesterday’s smoke session

For time…
10 Tire Flips (330lbs)
5 Snatch (155lbs/105lbs)
10 Push Press (155lbs/105lbs)
10 Front Squat (155lbs/105lbs)
10 High Pulls (155lbs/105bs)
20 Back Extensions
40 Push Ups
50 Double Unders

6 thoughts on “New Yoga Class On Thursday at 10:15am

  1. Sensei says:

    Hey everyone. Great job and ENERGY in the new home this morning!

    People have been asking about where to sign up for the team challenge.

    Josh and Cody, Can you help us out with this? Oooooor, am I missing the sign up sheet somewhere?


  2. t. says:

    The team challenge picked up a ticket to the back burner with all that’s happening. The sign up sheets will be back up tomorrow and we will kick off the competition next week.

    A big thanks to everyone for your concerns about my crash testing for Chevy yesterday. I’m ok. Lesson learned… the Volkswagen Toureg performs exponentially better in head on collisions than the Chevy Silverado.

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