0 thoughts on “Posted: 1/8/2009

  1. Kate says:

    Josh (or whoever is working tonight) I haven't ever done the handstand push-ups and i didn't want to interrupt your intro last night, i'm planning to come in this evening to get the 20 in – can someone show me how?

  2. Debb D says:

    I cannot be there for this, I will do it tomorrow. Is it a killer? So looking forward to it. Can anyone please post their times so I can see what I am in for. Thanks

  3. t. says:

    I can hear you guys crying all the way over here…
    I could post Annie tomorrow. How would those hands feel then?

  4. Brad says:

    Hint for todays WOD: Look at rope videos in the "exercises" section and figure out a technique to work on before showing up. Obviously I didnt.

  5. Chip says:

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and send my greetings from Quantico. Looks like you all having been killing it lately. Impressive times on the rope climbs. Its kind of ironic that was today's WOD because we ran the timed double-O course today. Only two rope climbs I know but a good workout in around three minutes. Hopefully I can get back to CFW soon. Everyone take care and keep after it. S/F

  6. scott says:

    what up chip! glad everything is going good. we'll be waiting for you to come kill it with us again.