Please join us Saturday for our member appreciation Open House / Joro Yoga Grand Opening.
Take a Yoga Class at 9 or 1030 am and / or get in a CrossFit workout.  Meet the Wilmington Strength Staff and then enjoy the food and beverages.  It’s all our treat and way of saying thank you to our best member…  YOU.

Commitment. You can’t see it in this photo, but on Nathan’s right hand is a cast fixing broken bones. Each training day he asks for substitutes for exercises his injury prevents him from doing.  Most injuries do not preclude you from training.  They only require a modification of our work.

Back Squat – find your 3 rep max
Shoulder Press – find your 3 rep max

7 thoughts on “Cookout / Open House is Tomorrow

  1. Sensei says:


    My email is intensedefense @ for JiuJitsu scheduling!

    Remove the spaces, had to put them in so it would let me post.


  2. t. says:

    CFW or any of its affiliates, do not condone unethical treatment of animals… no matter how tasty and delicious they grill up.

    I hope all of can come out tomorrow. Bill Boyer will be grilling up the lunch and we will have sides to compliment.
    Looking forward to it!

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