Tip: Increase fiber intake to reduce body fat below the waist.
Losing unwanted fat may not always be as easy as simply exercising and eating less.  If estrogen dominance is to blame, there are a few things that can help burn the stubborn fat associated with toxic estrogen levels.  Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet is another easy way to help detoxify your body of excess estrogen.  Excess estrogen, or estrogen hormone dominance, leads to fat storage in the areas of the body where estrogen receptors are the highest…  the bottom and the breasts.  Don’t laugh fellas… your estrogen dominance shows mostly in the form of man-boobs.  So both males and females can benefit from increasing fiber intake.  Read the articles below for more info on fiber and fat loss…  note the part about grains being poor sources of fiber.

Fiber: The Forgotten Secret To Fat Loss
The media have done an impressive job in making the public aware of the importance of fiber, particularly its role in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease and cancer. But did you know that fiber also can help you achieve your weight-loss goals? Yes, by means of its key role in digestive health and creating a sense of fullness, fiber can help you lose weight. However, it’s estimated that only 5 percent of US workers consume the daily requirement of fiber, so more education is needed.
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10 Ways to Lower Estrogen Toxic Load
Prevent cancer and lose weight by detoxifying estrogen from the body. High estrogen levels and problems eliminating it are well known to result in prostate and breast cancer. Estrogen is a problem for men as well as women due to multiple factors, especially the huge amounts of chemical estrogens we are exposed to in our daily lives. Did you know that there are chemical estrogens in plastic bottles, cosmetics, shampoo and personal care products, oil-based coatings, pesticides, and animal hormones?
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Jackie smiles performing rear delt raises. The posterior deltoid, on the back of the shoulder, is often underworked in CrossFit workouts which focus primarily on the anterior deltoid. Corrective work such as the rear delt raise helps to strengthen the shoulder as a whole and prevent imbalance-related injuries.

4 rounds for time of…
3 Snatch (75% of BW)
2 Muscle Ups (sub is [4 pull ups / 4 dips] x 2)
Run 400m

10 thoughts on “Detoxify Estrogen to Lose Stubborn Fat

  1. sara clark says:

    If you are on our tough mudder team i need your t-shirt size. Be a team player and buy a shirt. If only for the pictures. They wont be more than $20 bucks. I’ll put you on a payment plan if you want to cry about it.

  2. Albert Steed says:

    10-20 minutes on the board this morning. It was fun. Damn muscle ups. 🙁 One day I will be able to consistently do them. Practice time.

  3. t. says:

    Sara… you tell me how long it will take you.

    Estimate how long each rep takes you and add them up for a round, multiply x 4. Then add 10-20% for fatigue.

    Accuracy isn’t always about hitting a physical target. When you are able to finish a workout + or – 20 seconds of the time you figured before you begin your workout, you are beginning to mature completely as the CF athlete.

  4. Sara says:

    Sara, Get me an XL.

    Sara, Just go as fast as you can! MAKE the wod last only as long as you have because it has no choice but to bend to your will!

    Jackie, Nice smile.

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