Clips from last week at CFW and WSC: “Hell Week”


4 rounds of…
6-8 Romanian Deadlift (3,0,1,0)
Rest 30 seconds
6-8 Wide Stance Good Morning (3,0,1,0)
Rest 30 seconds

then. . .

4 rounds of…
8-10 DB Shoulder Press (3,0,1,0)
Rest  10 seconds
6-8 DB Lateral Raises (3,0,1,1)
Rest 10 seconds
6-8 Rear Delt Raises (3,0,1,1)

5 thoughts on “Recovery Part 2

  1. t. says:

    Hell week holds nothing to the Yoga class after heavy cleans, fronts, and pulls. Wow. I was cramping and shaking like a twig. I’ve been made very aware of my shortcomings in regards to flexibility and isometric strength endurance. Thanks Tara. But if I’m sore tomorrow I’m still going to maintain it was the squats and pulls. ha.

    I hope the nutrition classes helped. We tried to toss out the most important or at least the starting piece, of eating / supplementing for better health and recovery.

    Numerous of you mentioned sleep issues. L-tryptophan at 2,000-3,000mg and Magnesium Threonine (Zen Mag) at 2,000mg at bedtime will fix you up. Inositol, in addition, helps too. DO NOT TAKE L-Tryptophan if you are currently taking a SSRI for symptoms of depression!!!!

  2. Meagan says:

    Hahaha,….Love it when the boys talk about how Yoga crushes them. Hehe!

    Awesome job to everyone yesterday in class. You all had some really good questions about nutrition and supplementing!

    Love the Hell Week video! 🙂

  3. SearafeenoNor says:

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