Tip of the Day: Prepare your post-workout protein shake and post workout supplements, pre-workout.  This way you are able to take your supplements within the optimum window of 10 minutes after finishing your workout.

Fun in numbers…  our 6pm class on Monday.


4 rounds of. . .

Partial Deadlift 10-12r (3/1/1/0)
60 sec rest
DB Shoulder Press 10-12r (3/0/1/0)
60 sec rest
Bent Over Row 10-12r (3/1/1/0)
60 sec rest


3 rounds of. . .

Standing Hammer Curl 8-10r (3/1/1/0)
45 sec rest
DB Triceps Extension 8-10r (3/1/1/0)
45 sec rest

6 thoughts on “Strength Work

  1. Albert Steed says:

    Fun times this morning with the tempo work. If you are going to do this deadlift go overhand grip. Flexin Fletch beat this into us on the WSC side. This type of workout is the prime time to work on grip strength and not train the imbalance of reversed grips.

  2. t. says:

    I’m guessing summer’s end and the cooler temps brought everyone out yesterday. Having so many of you in all the classes has the energy in the gym buzzing. Good stuff. Looking for to tonight’s workout.

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